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FAPESP and Agilent will fund research in biopharma and metabolomics

FAPESP and Agilent will fund research in biopharma and metabolomics

Call for proposals is opened to researchers in the State of São Paulo. The selected projects can have duration of up to 36 months (photo: Agilent)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and Agilent announce a new call for proposals opened to researchers associated to institutions of higher education or research, public or private, in the State of São Paulo.

The themes of interest shared by Agilent and FAPESP for the call for research proposals are:

BioPharma – the goal is to fund projects that can advance the state of the art of measurements for BioPharma, for human health, veterinary medicine and agricultural research. Specifically, in finding ways to make the discovery, development, and manufacture of biologics and biosimilars faster, easier, more robust and higher in quality.

Metabolomics – Human health, veterinary medicine, and agricultural research are each areas of interest. The goal for this focus area is to fund projects that lead to improved tools for metabolomics or to use them to increase the understanding of biological systems to improve the quality of life.

In both focus areas, successful proposals can include refinement of instruments, development of new measurement protocols, new ways to analyze data, invention of new workflows, or applications of existing techniques to yield new biological understanding within the context of the specific focus.

Expected outcomes of research projects would include, but not be limited to, academic peer-reviewed paper publications, web sites with information for the academic community, and presentation of findings at academic conferences.

The selected projects will have duration of up to 36 months. Proposals must meet the conditions and restrictions of the FAPESP Program for Cooperative Research for Technological Innovation (PITE).

The last date for receiving proposals is August 14, 2017. A workshop will be organized at FAPESP’s for Q&A between FAPESP and Agilent representatives and researchers interested in submitting proposals in the call on June 20, 2017.

The call for proposals is published at: