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FAPESP and IBM announce new call for proposal

FAPESP and IBM announce new call for proposal

Research projects on Digital Agriculture will be funded. Proposals will be received until September 15, 2017 (image: IBM Research)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and IBM announce a new call for research proposals.

The purpose of the call is to define the conditions for the submission of proposals for research projects that generate knowledge about Digital Agriculture, that is, computer systems that process data, provide advice, support control and the different steps of the agricultural production chains.

The themes of interest agreed by IBM and FAPESP for this call for research proposals are:

1) Data analysis and analytics systems applied to agricultural processes;

2) Precision agriculture systems, including sensing, data collection and analysis, decision-making, and IoT;

3) Weather and climate monitoring and prediction systems in the context of agriculture, and new applications of weather/climate data;

4) Agricultural robotics, including drones and equipment automation;

5) Image processing of agricultural data, including satellite and in-field data;

6) Processing of genomic data used in applications of agriculture;

7) Electronic cattle monitoring systems, including hardware, data collection, and analysis;

8) Soil and water data sensing, processing, and analysis;

9) Autonomous vehicles in agricultural scenarios;

10) Agriculture and food logistic chains sensing, data analysis, provenance systems, and optimization;

11) Augmented and virtual reality systems applied to agriculture;

12) Cognitive assistants to farmers, agronomics engineers, laborers, and other workers in the agricultural production chains;

13) Human factors and interface design in the context of digital agriculture systems;

14) Software and API service platforms and middleware support for digital agriculture;

15) Related topics in digital agriculture.

Project duration must be up to 2 years. Proposals will be received until September 15, 2017.

The call for proposals is available at: