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Research Internships Abroad (BEPE)

This program supports short and medium term research internships abroad for recipients of FAPESP fellowships in the State of So Paulo. Thus, the BEPE fellowship levels available correspond to those available for fellowships in the State of So Paulo, as detailed below:

  • Scientific Initiation (BEPE- IC), for undergraduates working in a research project;

  • Masters (BEPE-MS), Doctorate (BEPE-DR) and Honors Doctorate (BEPE-DD), for graduate students;

  • Post-doctorate (BEPE-PD), for talented scientists associated to research projects.

The research internship abroad is necessarily part of regular FAPESP Fellowship in the State of So Paulo and cannot be requested independently.

Candidate requirements:

  • To have an ongoing fellowship awarded by FAPESP in the CI, MS, DD, DR, PD modalities;

  • Proficiency in the language of the country where the research will be developed or in English, as evidenced by a formal declaration from the advisor/supervisor of the fellowship in Brazil.

The length of the research internship abroad (BEPE) depends on the modality requested. Minimum duration is one month. Maximum duration varies from four months (IC) to one year (PD).

Applications: Throughout the year.

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