September 24, 2018 at 09h00 a.m
Wilson Center, Washington DC

Scientific, Social And Economic
Dimensions of Development
in the Amazon


The main objectives of the conference are to disseminate research funded by FAPESP on the Amazon biome and to discuss in an interdisciplinary way the scientific, social, and economic factors of development in the Amazon. The event will explore aspects of the climate, ecosystem functioning, and biodiversity, as well as related socioeconomic issues associated with the current project of Amazonian development. The workshop will also discuss private sector initiatives and non-governmental organizations, which have played an important role in building understanding of the processes affecting the development of the Amazon.

Topics covered

  • Biodiversity, tipping points and sustainable development in Amazonia
  • The close links between the Amazonian forest biology and climate
  • Climate change and Amazonian carbon cycling
  • Ecosystem and physiological control of carbon balance in Amazonia
  • The role of research institutions in Amazonia in fostering development in the region
  • Present and future climate in amazonia and its impacts
  • How to achieve zero deforestation in Amazonia
  • The economic incentives to halt deforestation in Amazonia


Wilson Center, Washington DC
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20004-3027