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Gabriela Celani

Area Panel – Architecture and Urbanism

Architect and urban designer (FAU-USP, 1989), MSc (FAU-USP, 1997) and PhD (MIT, 2002), “Livre-docente” (Unicamp, 2009) and postdoctoral fellow (Technical University of Lisbon, 2010). Visiting researcher at MIT (2018). Productivity grant CNPq 1D.

Celani is a full professor in Architecture and Urban Design at Unicamp, where she teaches in the undergraduate level and in the graduate program in Architecture, Technology and the City. She founded the Laboratory of Automation and Prototyping for Architecture and Construction (LAPAC) and the research group Contemporary Theories and Technologies Applied to Design, acting in the field of Computational Design.

Celani is a member of the editorial board of the journals Frontiers in Digital Architecture, IJAC and Thésis; she was co-founder of PARC (Unicamp); she is a member of the scientific committee of the congresses DCC, SIGraDi, eCAADe, CAADRIA and CAAD Futures; she is ad hoc consultant at FAPESP, CAPES, CNPq, FAEPEX and MacPesquisa; and she is also a reviewer for the magazines Design Studies, AIEDAM, Post, Architects, Project Management & Technology, Oculum, v!rus and PARC.

Celani has received the following grants: FAPESP Young Researcher, CAPES Multi-user, FAPESP and FAEPEX Visiting Professor, FAPESP regular, CAPES PROBRAL, and CNPq Universal. She has participated in research projects with UTL, Melbourne and Kaiserslautern Universities.

Celani was vice president of institutional relations at SIGraDi and is the treasurer of CAAD Futures. She was Director of Projects and Associate Director of the Exploratory Museum of Sciences of Unicamp. She was an advisor to the Undergraduate Dean and is currently an advisor to the Rector of Unicamp.

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