Angela Maria Alonso Versão em português

Angela Maria Alonso

Adjunct Panel - Humanities and Social Sciences, Architecture and Economy

Professor of Sociology at the University of São Paulo (USP), researcher at the Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning - Cebrap (having been president from 2015 to 2019), and a CNPq 1C researcher. She holds a PhD in sociology by USP and a post-doctorate from Yale University.

She authors the books Ideias em Movimento: a geração 1870 na crise do Brasil-Império (2001); Joaquim Nabuco: os salões e as rua (2007), both translated to French; Flores, votos e balas: o movimento abolicionista brasileiro (1868-1888) (2015); Conflitos: fotografia e violência política no Brasil (1889-1964) (co-edited with Heloísa Espada, 2017) and The Last Abolition: the Brazilian abolitionist movement, 1868-1888 (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

She was awarded the CNPq/Anpocs award for best PhD in social sciences (2001), the John S. Guggenheim Foundation fellowship (2009), the Jabuti Prize for the best book in Human Sciences (2015) and the Academia Brasileira de Letras award for the best book of the year (2015).

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