November 17, 2014 – UC Berkeley
CITRIS-Banatao Conference Room and Kvamme Atrium
Start Duration    Activity
08:30 00:30 Welcome Coffee
09:00 00:30 Opening Session
Ron Gronsky,
Faculty Assistant to the Chancellor for International Relations (UCB) 
09:30 00:45 Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, FAPESP Scientific Director
Science and Technology in São Paulo, Brazil PDF
10:15 00:15 Discussion
10:30 00:15 Break
Theme 1: Energy
10:45 00:20 Marie-Anne van Sluys, Biology Institute (USP)
Energy security: BIOEN Research Program and the Sugarcane genome PDF
11:05 00:20 David Zilberman, Agricultural Economics(UCB) PDF
11:25 00:20 Marcia Azanha Moraes, Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (ESALQ-USP)
Ethanol from sugarcane in Brasil. From state intervention to a free market PDF
11:45 00:20 Ana Claudia Arias, Berkeley Wireless Research Center (BWRC) – UCB PDF
12:05 Lunch
Theme 2: State-Society Relations (Urban Studies, Democracy, Violence, Growth, Higher Education)
14:00 00:20 Sergio Adorno, Center for the Study of Violence (USP)
Building democracy daily: human rights, Violence and institutional trust PDF
14:20 00:20 James Holston, Social Apps Lab at CITRIS (UCB)
Challenges for Democracy 3.0 and Smarter Cities
14:40 00:20 Marta Arretche, Center for Metropolitan Studies (CEBRAP and USP)
Democracy and inequality-reduction in Brazil PDF
15:00 00:20 John Aubrey Douglass, Center for Studies in Higher Education (UCB) – with Renato Pedrosa (UNICAMP) and Igor Chirikov (SERU/CSHE)
Seeking a Comparative Lens: Undergraduate and Graduate Education in California and Brazil PDF
15:20 00:20 Coffee break
15:40 00:20 Roundtable discussion and closing for Day 1

November 18, 2014 - UC Berkeley
Overall themes: (1) advanced manufacturing and materials, (2) infrastructure and energy
Start Duration   Activity
08:30 00:30 Welcome Coffee
Theme 1: Advanced manufacturing and materials – session 1
09:00 00:20 Tarek Zohdi, Mechanical Engineering (UCB)
Modeling and simulation of advanced manufacturing of new multifunctional materials
09:20 00:20 Edgar Dutra Zanotto, Federal University of São Carlos – UFSCAR (USP)
Glass-ceramics: a glorious past and bright future
09:40 00:20 David Dornfeld, Mechanical Engineering (UCB)
Sustainability as a driver for innovation in advanced manufacturing
10:00 00:20 Eduardo Campello, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (USP)
Particle-based computational methods for the simulation of discontinuous media and discrete materials
10:20 00:25 Break
Theme 1: Advanced manufacturing and materials – session 2
10:45 00:20 Hugo Resende, Lightweight Structures Laboratory (IPT)
Challenges for the Lightweight Strutures Laboratory in Brazil PDF
11:05 00:20 Paul Wright, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (UCB)
11:25 00:20 Mark Asta, Computational Materials Science (UCB)
11:45 13:45 Lunch
Theme 2: Infrastructure and energy – session 1
13:45 00:20 Paulo Monteiro, Civil and Environmental Engineering (UCB)
Multi-functional energy-efficient structural materials
14:05 00:20 Julio R. Meneghini, Departament of Mechanical Engineering (POLI – USP)
Wake instabilities issues: from circular cylinders to stalled airfoils PDF
14:25 00:15 John Coates, Fossil Fuels (UCB)
14:45 00:15 Coffee break
Theme 2: Infrastructure and energy – session 2
15:00 01:20 Philippe Remy Bernard Devloo, Structures – Civil Engineering (UNICAMP)
NeoPZ – An object oriented framework for the development of finite element algorithms
15:20 00:20 Khalid Mosalam, Civil and Environmental Engineering (UCB)
Recent advances in hybrid simulations with applications to continuum structures, energy infrastructure and building envelopes
15:40 00:20 Paulo M. Pimenta, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (POLI-USP)
Contributions to computational mechanics from our research group at USP
Panel Discussion: Higher Education in California and São Paulo: perspective of International Collaborations
16:15 00:15 Renato H.L. Pedrosa,  Department of  Science and Technology Policy (UNICAMP)
Higher Education in São Paulo: recent trends and opportunities PDF
16:30 00:15 Judson King, Center for Studies in Higher Education (UCB)
16:45 00:15 Oscar Dubon,  (UCB)
17:00 00:15 Ron Gronsky, Materials Science & Engineering (UCB)
17:15 00:15 Closing of the workshop in Berkeley
17:15 00:15 Brazilian Nature – Mystery and Destiny Exhibition
Venue: Sutardja Dai Hall, Kvamme Atrium (UCB)

November 19, 2014 – San Francisco
California Academy of Sciences and Exploratorium Visits – by invitation only

November 20, 2014 - UC Davis
The Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
Start Duration    Activity
08:30 00:40 Welcome coffee
09:10 Opening Session: FAPESP International Strategy
Chair: Adrienne Martín, Interim Vice Provost (UCD Global Affairs)
09:10 00:10 Welcome to UCD
Ralph Hexter
, Provost (UCD)
09:20 00:45 Opening Speech
Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz
, FAPESP Scientific Director
Science and Technology in São Paulo, Brazil PDF
10:05 00:10 Harris A. Lewin,  Vice Chancellor for Research (UCD)
Research at UCD and Program Overview
10:00 00:15 Discussion
10:15 00:15 Break
10:30 Sustainable Energy Research
Chair: Bryan Jenkins, Energy Efficiency Center (UCD)
10:30 00:20 Sonia Yeh, Institute of Transportation Studies (UCD)
Global Transportation Growth and the Role of Low Carbon Transport Policies PDF
10:50 00:20 Marie-Anne Van Sluys,  Biology Institute (USP)
Bioenergy / biofuels: sugarcane genomics PDF
11:10 00:20 Ruihong Zhang, Biological & Agricultural Engineering (UCD)
Biodigestion & Biogas Energy PDF
11:30 00:15 Q+A
11:45 02:00 Break / West Village Lunch – by invitation
13:45 Environmental & Marine Sciences
Chair: Mark Schwartz, John Muir Institute of the Environment (UCD)
13:45 00:20 Luciano Martins Verdade, Isotopic Ecology Lab / Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (CENA – USP)
Monitoring “biocomplexity”: The complexity of processes as drives of the diversity of biological patterns PDF
14:05 00:20 Rick Grosberg, Coastal & Marine Sciences Institute (UCD)
Dispersal, connectivity, and the challenge of sustainable fisheries in the sea
14:25 00:20 Edmo Campos, Oceanography Institute (USP)
Climate related research in the South Atlantic – observations and modeling PDF
14:45 00:15 Q+A
15:00 00:30 Break
15:30 Agriculture & Food Research
Chair: Marcia Azanha Moraes, Escola Superior de Agricultura “Luiz de Queiroz” (ESALQ-USP)
15:30 00:20 Paulo Mazzafera, Plant Science (UNICAMP)
Control of lignin biosynthesis in sugarcane
15:50 00:20 Richard Michelmore, The Genome Center (UCD)
The UC Davis Genome Center and Generic Plant Genomics PDF
16:10 00:20 Claudio Augusto Oller do Nascimento, Cooperative Center of Environmental Engineering (USP)
Industrial process chemical engineering – water treatment, photochemical processes, biotechnology PDF
16:30 00:20 Walter Leal, Molecular and Cellular Biology (UCD)
From genome to deliverables in agriculture and medical entomology
16:50 00:20 Bernadette D.G.M. Franco, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (USP)
Food safety challenges in the 21st century PDF
17:10 00:20 Josette Lewis, World Food Center (UCD)
World Food Center: Connecting Research to Impact PDF
17:30 00:15 Q+A
17:45 00:15 Break
18:00 00:45 Brazilian Nature – Mystery and Destiny Exhibition
Venue: Mondavi Center Atrium

November 21, 2014 - UC Davis
Start Duration   Activity
08:30 00:30 Welcome Coffee
09:00 Opening Address
Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi (UCD)
Consul General – Ambassador Eduardo Prisco Paraíso Ramos 
09:20 01:00 Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in University-Industry Collaborative Research: Brazil-USA & Industry-Academis
Chair: Associate Vice Chancellor Paul Dodd (UCD Interdisciplinary Research & Strategic Initiatives)
Cleve Justis, Executive Director Child Family Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (UCD)
Dushyant Pathak, Associate Vice Chancellor Technology Management & Corporate Relations  (UCD)
Hugo Resende, Director Lightweight Structures Laboratory (IPT)
Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Scientific Director (FAPESP)
Ricardo H.R. Castro, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science (UCD)
Roxanne Duan (MedImmune)
10:20 00:10 Break
10:30 01:55 Cancer & Inflammatory Disease Studies
Chair: Harris A. Lewin,  Vice Chancellor for Research (UCD)
10:30 00:20 Roger Chammas, Cancer Biology (USP)
Adapting to a move: galectin-3 roles in cancer
10:50 00:20 Luis Carvajal-Carmona (UCD: Genome Center, Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine)
Cancer genetics studies in European and Latin American populations
11:10 00:20 Silvia R. Rogatto, Molecular Oncology, Genetics (UNESP)
PHF21B as a candidate tumor suppressor gene in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas PDF
11:30 00:20 Bruce German, Foods for Health Institute, Food Science & Technology (UCD)
The role of microbiota in human health: Lessons from human milk
11:50 00:20 Licio Augusto Velloso, Medical Sciences Faculty(UNICAMP)
Dysfunction on the hypothalamus in obesity PDF
12:10 00:15 Q+A
12:25 01:20 Lunch – Mondavi Center with Poster Session
13:45 01:20 Biomedical Science Research
Chair: James Hildreth, Dean of UCD, College of Biological Sciences
13:45 00:20 Hernandes F. Carvalho, Structural and Functional Biology (UNICAMP)
Cell-cell interactions in the prostate gland PDF
14:05 00:20 Julie Sutcliffe, Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging (UCD)
Molecular imaging at UC Davis: bench to bedside PDF
14:25 00:20 Rosana Bassani, Center of Biomedical Engineering (CEB-UNICAMP)
Multidisciplinary investigation at the Center for Biomedical Engineering (CEB) of UNICAMP PDF
14:45 00:20 Crystal Ripplinger, Pharmacology (UCD)
Cellular Calcium Signaling in Cardiac Arrhythmias PDF
15:05 00:20 Q+A and Break
15:25 Social Sciences & Humanities
Chair: Euclides de Mesquita Neto (FAPESP/UNICAMP)
15:45 00:20 Leopoldo Bernucci (FAPESP – UOIP)
Amazonia as Palimpsest: readings and misreadings in travel books PDF
15:45 00:20 Fabio Akcelrud Durão, Literary Theory (UNICAMP)
Framing Theory from Brazil
16:05 00:20 Ann Stevens, Center for Poverty Research (UCD) PDF
16:25 00:30 Panel Discussion: Perpectives on Communication & Education in Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, and Technology
Leopoldo Bernucci (UCD: Spanish)
Fabio Akcelrud Durão (UNICAMP: Literary theory)
Ann Stevens (UCD: Center for Poverty Research)
Marta Arretche (USP & CEBRAP Center for Metropolitan Studies) TBC
Mario Biogioli (UCD: School of Law)
16:55 Closing Session
16:55 00:15 Harris Lewin,  Vice Chancellor for Research (UCD)
17:10 00:15 Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, FAPESP Scientific Director
17:25 End of activities for the day