Since 2011, FAPESP Week scientific symposia have helped create an environment for scientific collaboration between Brazilian and foreign researchers with shared or complementary interests.

FAPESP Weeks are organized by FAPESP and partners in the local country/region. They may be based in a single institution/city or two or more institutions/cities in the same region/country.

Each FAPESP Week brings together leading scientists from São Paulo, Brazil, and colleagues from the target region, in academic sessions with presentations and debates on scientific results relevante to the regions and likely to stimulate research collaboration.

FAPESP Week did not take place between 2020 and 2023, but new meetings are scheduled in 2024.


FAPESP Week Illinois - April 9 and 10, 2024

The event will bring together researchers in health and medicine, sustainable cities, smart agriculture, climate, bioenergy and investiments from democratic institutions.

the objective will be to catalyze new multidisciplinary research collaborations to address the main challenges in these areas. Participants will come from institutions in São Paulo, universities in Illinois, the Great Lakes region, as well as partner institutions in Canada and Mexico.