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FAPESP Week China

June 26 - 29, 2024


FAPESP Week Information for Local Partners

The FAPESP Week (FW) series have created opportunities and facilitated research collaboration between researchers from the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and colleagues from around the world. FWs are organized by FAPESP and partners in the local country/region.  They may be based in a single institution/city or two or more institutions/cities in the same region/country.

Each FW brings together leading scientists from São Paulo, Brazil, and colleagues from the target region, in academic sessions with presentations and debates on scientific results relevant to the regions and likely to stimulate research collaboration.

Total duration is two to three days depending on individual organisation. One day is for technical visits by the Sao Paulo delegation to local state of the art research and innovation infrastructure/laboratories. Two days are dedicated to an open seminar with six scientific panels. Each panel should have one moderator, two speakers from Sao Paulo and two speakers from the host country/region.  Each seminar should also have institutional presentations of FAPESP and of the local partner with an overview of the science and innovation landscape of the country/region or institution. 1-2 roundtables should be organised in topics that can be relevant to science policy, science communications, international collaboration etc.  FWs are usually conducted in English, without simultaneous translation.

The audience of FW is comprised of researchers in all areas of science, research funders, representatives of scientific societies, research funding organisations, academies, companies and policymakers in the science and innovation field.

Due to the interdisciplinary aspect of FWs, it is expected that some participants will attend only parts of the event. Expected audience is of 50-100 participants in the room at all times.

The Organising Committee consists of:

The Organising Committee will nominate and approve session speakers, organise travel and participation and explain the outline and expectations of the event for their respective countries.



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