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Publications in English

Publications in English

FAPESP's Engineering Research Centers

Partnerships between FAPESP and private enterprise to create research centers in strategic areas with long-term funding combine advanced science and applications for technological development.

FAPESP Annual Activity Report

Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers

FAPESP Programs for Supporting Collaborative Research with Companies

Multi-User Equipment Program

Science, Technology & Innovation Indicators in the State of São Paulo / Brazil 2010

Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in São Paulo
Bulletin No. 1 - "Women submitted 42% of all grant applications to FAPESP in 2010"

FAPESP - Annual Activity Report 2009 - Executive Summary

Brazil world leader in sugarcane and ethanol knowledge and technology

Contributions to research in São Paulo State, Brazil, into knowledge on climate change (1992-2008)

Translating Research into Business

FAPESP technological innovation

Knowledge and Sustainable Use of Brazilian Biodiversity: Biota-FAPESP Program: Cover | Book

Biodiversity at a Glance: Cover | Book

Opportunities for Health Research in Brazil (Thematics Projects)

Opportunities for Health Research in Brazil (Thematics Projects)

Brazilian Biodiversity Research: A Promising Future (BIOTA-FAPESP)

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