FAPESP/King’s College London: Call for Proposals 2016

1. Introduction

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil and King’s College London, United Kingdom, launch a call for joint research projects. The aim is to promote and strengthen collaboration between researchers affiliated with King’s College London and researchers affiliated with Higher Education and Research Institutions in State of São Paulo.

2. Research Themes

The present Call invites Research Proposals in all fields of knowledge.

3. Funding

King’s College London is prepared to fund selected projects with an equivalent total of up to USD 25,000 per project/per year. FAPESP is also prepared to fund for the equivalent amount of up to USD 25,000 per project/per year. A single joint project may therefore receive up to USD 100,000 combined through this joint funding call. As a general rule, the funding must be spent within two years, with a balanced contribution from each institution. The combined total amount of funding from King’s and FAPESP available under this programme is USD 200,000.

4. Funding principals and eligibility criteria

4.1 For the applicant researcher in the State of São Paulo, the collaborative proposal must be submitted to FAPESP as a Regular Research Award (Auxílio à Pesquisa - Regular). The maximum project duration is 24 months, non-extendable.

4.2 Applicants from King’s College London and from the State of São Paulo must satisfy the eligibility criteria of King’s College London and FAPESP, respectively.

a) For FAPESP, the criteria are available at and at;

b) For King’s College London: Principal Investigators should be faculty or post-doctoral researchers at King’s College London with a contract of employment for the full length of the proposed project;

c) The proposals must aim to respect the principle of reciprocity with regard to academic qualifications of those who will take part in the exchange activities.

5. Timeline

Call announced on FAPESP and King’s College London websites

20th May 2016

Closing date for submission of proposals

20th July 2016

Successful proposals notified

From 20th October 2016

6. Submission conditions specific to FAPESP

Submission to FAPESP will follow the general rules for Regular Research Awards (

6.1 The application shall include a joint research plan written by applicants from King’s College London and from the State of São Paulo. The research plan shall involve a clear description of the planned collaboration (distribution of work and methods of implementation) and the added value to be expected from the collaboration. The research plan shall include both a joint budget and separate budgets for both partners.

6.2 The budget request must follow the rules of the Regular Research Award regarding fundable items, fellowships types, equipment restrictions, etc.; overheads and complementary benefits must be included in total funding amount.

6.3 The proposal, submitted in English, shall contain:

a) Research Proposal form (which includes the complete list of documents to be submitted) and the Researcher’s Registration Form;

b) Summary of the Principal Investigators’ CV and CVs of Collaborating Researchers from both sides (in English, following the guidelines at;

c) Budget worksheets specifically designed for this Call and corresponding budget justification;

d) Research Team Description;

e) A Joint Research Plan with a maximum of fifteen (15) pages of scientific content;

f) Work plan for each scholarship submitted, if applicable;

g) Detailed information and budget for each research mission (budget must be indicated in the corresponding fields of the Budget Worksheets).

6.4 A Letter of Agreement between KCL and the Higher Education or Research Institution to which the São Paulo PI is affiliated, establishing how Intellectual Property rights, confidentiality, and publications will be treated jointly, in observance of the policies of each funding Party. The Letter of Agreement is not mandatory for the submission of proposals, but no approved project will be contracted before the presentation of a copy of the signed Agreement

6.5 All proposals shall be sent to FAPESP in hard copy, to the following address: Rua Pio XI, 1500, Alto da Lapa, CEP 05468-901 – São Paulo/SP, with “ Chamada FAPESP/King’s College London 2016” written on the envelope.

7. Submission conditions specific to King’s College London

The proposal shall contain:

a) Research Proposal Submission Form

b) CV Summaries of the Principal Investigators on both sides and of all candidates for the exchange activities;

c) Budget breakdown for the funding sought from King’s.

8. How to apply

8.1 The proposal as specified in the previous section must be submitted before or on July 20th, 2016, both to FAPESP by the Principal Investigator from the State of São Paulo (latest day for the currier services´ time stamp) and to King’s College London by the Principal Investigator from the UK, London (up to 5:00 PM CST).

8.2 No proposal will be accepted after the closing date for submission, nor will any addendum or explanation be accepted, unless those explicitly and formally requested by FAPESP or King’s College London.

8.3 Submissions to FAPESP can only be accepted in paper, via mail, to the following address: Rua Pio XI, 1500, Alto da Lapa, CEP 05468-901 – São Paulo/SP, with “Chamada FAPESP/ King’s College London 2016” written on the envelope. Will be considered the date of the postal postmark stamped on the envelope.

8.4 Principal Investigators at King’s College London must submit all proposals electronically via email to

8.5 Proposals submitted by any other means will not be accepted. Late submissions will not be reviewed.

9. Analysis and selection

9.1 Each Party will select the proposals according to its own procedures. Only the proposals selected by both Parties will be funded.

9.2 The evaluation criteria include:

- scientific quality and innovativeness of the research plan;
- feasibility of the research plan;
- competence and expertise of the applicants from both countries;
- added value generated by UK-Brazilian research collaboration.

The mobility of researchers will also be considered in the review.

9.3 Proposals that do not comply with the terms of this Call will not qualify for analysis.

9.4 Considering the final results announced under this call for proposals, FAPESP and King’s College London will not accept reconsideration requests.

10. More information

All questions related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to:


Alexandre Roccatto
Science Manager

King’s College London :

Oliver Trumble
Senior Strategy Officer (Americas), Global Engagement

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