EU-CELAC Interest Group for bi-regional STI cooperation (EU-CELAC IG) Versão em português

Letter of Interest

The EU-CELAC Interest Group is a group of funding agencies from CELAC, EU Member States and Associated Countries wishing to cooperate in bi-regional science, technology and innovation (STI) collaboration.

The EU-CELAC IG organizes joint actions, e.g. joint calls, and thus supports the implementation of the Common EU-CELAC Research Area and creates further added value to its three pillars: Mobility of Researchers; International outreach of Research Infrastructures; Increased thematic cooperation to address global challenges.

The EU-CELAC IG defines priority topics and instruments of common interest, taking the SOM activities and suggestions by participating funding agencies into consideration. To do so, it will meet yearly, alternately in EU or CELAC.

The participating funding agencies are invited to cooperate with full flexibility, to decide individually in which of the joint activities and themes they want to get involved (variable geometry) and to determine their individual level of funds in each activity.

Once a party has decided to participate in one or more of the activities launched by the EU-CELAC IG, a high commitment and the ability to contribute to the implementation of the respective joint action(s) with financial and human resources (according to the capabilities of every actor) are expected.

In the first year of activity, starting on 1st April 2017, contact partners for administrative and organizational details are Mónica Silenzi ( of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina, MINCyT and Dr. Stephanie Splett ( of the International Bureau at DLR Project Management Agency.

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), in Brazil, supports the EU-CELAC INTEREST GROUP initiative and is interesting in cooperating in the concept as described above.

Legally authorized representative:

Name José Goldemberg

Function President