Four proposals short-listed for the New Energies Research Center Versão em português

The FAPESP/Shell New Energies Research Center Call for Proposals motivated twelve submissions, spanning the four research topics of interest. Each proposal received ad-hoc reviews and was analyzed by a panel of experts. The resulting documentation was inspected by the Joint Steering Committee for the Call. Following this assessment, the criticisms and requests for clarification in the reviews were sent to the proposers for comments. 

After examining the responses from the proposers to the criticisms and requests for clarification in the reviews the Joint Steering Committee has selected the following four proposals for the interviews specified in the Call for Proposals:

  • “Research Division 1 – Dense Energy Carriers”,  submitted by Ana Flavia Nogueira

  • “Sustainable Path for Methane Conversion with Advanced Electrochemical Technologies”, submitted by Fabio Coral Fonseca

  • “Computational Materials Science”, submitted by Juarez L. Ferreira da Silva

  • “Advanced Energy Storage Division”, submitted by Rubens Maciel Filho

The final decision is expected to be announced in November 2017.

Page updated on 09/18/2017 - Published on 09/18/2017