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FAPESP and HUJ announce results of call for proposals FAPESP and the Hebrew University Jerusalem selected proposals for the interchange of researchers (photo:WIkimedia)

FAPESP and the Hebrew University Jerusalem (HUJ) announce the result of the call for proposals issued under a cooperative agreement between the institutions.

Five proposals for scientific cooperation between scientists in São Paulo, Brazil and in Israel within the scope of the Scientific Cooperation Agreement between FAPESP and HUJ were selected.

The Call for Proposals was open to proposals in all fields. The duration of the proposed research project should be up to 24 months.

FAPESP and HUJ expect to fund approximately 5 proposals each one with a total cost (sum of cost to FAPESP and cost to HUJ) of around US$ 100,000.

Selected proposals: 

Researchers Project title

Ana Lúcia de Paula Muller
Fac. Filosofia Letras Ciências Humanas/USP

Edit Doron - HUJ

Nº do processo FAPESP: 2011/51408-4 

Cross-Linguistic Reflections of Cognitive Distinctions


Elisabete Maria de Gouveia dal Pino
Inst. Astronomia Geofísica Ciências Atmosféricas

Tsvi Piran - HUJ

Nº do processo FAPESP: 2011/51275-4  

Magnetic Field Effects And Particle Acceleration in Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBS): Theory, Numerical Simulations, and Observational Prospects


Fernando Pigeard de Almeida Prado
Fac. Filosofia Ciências Letras Ribeirão Preto/USP

Eyal Winter – HUJ 

Nº do processo FAPESP: 2011/51509-5

Externalities and Economic Behavior 

José Luiz Laus
Fac. Ciências Agrárias Veterinárias Jaboticabal

Ron Ofri – HUJ

Nº do processo FAPESP: 2011/51269-4 

Preserving Vision in Glaucoma. Preventing Optic Neuropathy Through Neuroprotective, Vasodilative Treatment


Márcia Dalastra Laurenti
Fac. Medicina/USP

Alon Warburg – HUJ

Nº do processo FAPESP: 2011/51404-9

Do Humans Comprise a Significant Source of Infection for The Sand Fly Vectors of Visceral Leishmaniasis in North Brazil?


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