Agence Nationale de la Recherche - Call for Proposals 2012 Versão em português

General guidelines to the Call for Proposals for new research projects in collaboration between French and São Paulo State researchers, published by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) in the framework of the Blanc International II Program, under the Cooperation Agreement signed by the French agency and the FAPESP.

For 2012, the selected themes are:

A. Global Change and Environment/Earth Sciences

B. Microbiology, Immunology, Infectology

Respectively corresponding to the Blanc International 2 panels “SIMI6” and ”SVSE3”.

Proposals must be submitted directly to ANR by the French principal investigator according the rules described in the Call for Proposals published by ANR.

For the applicant researcher in the São Paulo State, the collaborative proposals may be carried out at FAPESP as a Research Award in the Regular or Thematic Project schemes, as determined by the applicant.

The following conditions should apply:

1. Applicants from France and from the State of São Paulo, Brazil, must satisfy the eligibility criteria of ANR and FAPESP, respectively. For FAPESP, the criteria may be found at for the Research Award scheme – Regular and at for the Research Award - Thematic Project.

2. Applications should be submitted by March 21th, 2012, using the official application material from ANR, according to the applicable rules and closing dates.

a. The proposal to be submitted to ANR by the French partner should be in English and must include, as an attachment, the FAPESP form, specific for the Call and related to the participation of the principal investigator from the São Paulo State. Form available at:

b. After the submission deadline is reached, applicants from the São Paulo State will be contacted by FAPESP and asked to provide complementary documentation accordingly to the usual rules for the chosen award scheme.

3. Applications shall clearly discriminate the costs to be incurred by teams based in France and in São Paulo, Brazil, including separate budget requests to ANR and to FAPESP.

4. Costs to be incurred by applicants based in France and costs to be incurred in São Paulo, Brazil must be compatible with existing financial rules applicable to ANR and FAPESP, respectively. Each project will be funded for a period of 2 to 4 years.

5. The parties agree to fund the projects on a balanced basis, considering the aACRnt of effort dedicated by researchers on each side. The indicative average funding per country is € 250 thousand for a three-year project.

6. Award holders from France and from São Paulo, Brazil will be subject respectively to the Terms and Conditions of the ANR and the FAPESP.

7. Proposals will be processed by ANR and jointly assessed by FAPESP, according to their respective rules and processes.

8. Ultimate responsibility for decisions of funding recommendations for its own part of a proposal remains with ANR or FAPESP, respectively. Both agencies will confirm any budgetary constraints on submitted projects prior to a final decision on an award being made by the ANR review process.

9. For information related to this Joint Call for Proposals, all contacts to FAPESP must be directed to Alexandre Roccatto, through:

To ANR, contact may be directed to Isabelle Morelon through:


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