Parallel FAPESP and NSF Announcement for Materials World Network (MWN)

General information for the State of São Paulo, Brazil applicants to the FAPESP call for proposals parallel to the NSF Program on Materials World Network (MWN)

This announcement encourages the participation of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and U.S. researchers and students in projects intended to enhance opportunities for collaborative activities in materials research and education. Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation must have clear relevance to fundamental materials and condensed matter research supported by the NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR). For areas supported by DMR see This solicitation can support U.S. and São Paulo, Brazil participation in activities that involve reciprocal visits by researchers and students. Any well-justified activity that fulfills the goals of the NSF Program on Materials World Network (MWN) will be considered.

NSF will accept proposals from US academic institutions addressing collaborations between researchers from the US and the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Concurrently, investigators at State of São Paulo research institutions should submit to FAPESP a request for support of their side of the collaboration.

FAPESP and NSF will inform their respective scientific communities about these parallel funding opportunities.

In the U.S. researchers may submit their proposals following the guidelines for the NSF Program on Materials World Network (MWN) which can be found at:

In the State of São Paulo proposals should be submitted to FAPESP as Regular Research Awards ( and must comply with the following additional conditions:

1. FAPESP will accept proposals from researchers who are Principal Investigators of ongoing research projects funded by FAPESP within the following schemes: Regular Research Awards, Thematic Projects (Principal or Co-Principal Investigators), Young Investigators, or Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (RIDC/CPID; PIs or co-PIs).

2. The proposal must have two Principal Investigators, one in São Paulo State and one in the U.S. who will be the central contacts for the management of the project regarding their respective agency.

3. Proposals will be evaluated according to the regular procedures used by FAPESP and NSF separately and the results will be announced by each agency.

4. FAPESP will provide the selected proposals with funds exclusively for travel (air tickets), health insurance and living allowances for researchers from the State of São Paulo working in the United States.

5. Guidelines for proposal submission to FAPESP

5.1 The proposals, to be developed in up to two (2) years, will be received at FAPESP until November 14th, 2012.

5.2 Required FAPESP submission documentation:

5.2.1 Research Proposal (submission) form specific to this initiative and the Researcher Registration form.

5.2.2 Summary of the Curriculum Vitae of the Principal Investigators and participating researchers and students on both sides. Researchers form São Paulo must adhere to instructions available at and for their colleagues from the U.S. copies of the biosketches presented to the NSF will suffice.

5.2.3 Description of the research team in both countries.

5.2.4 Applicants to FAPESP must include a copy of the cover page of their counterpart’s submission to NSF.

5.2.5 A Research Proposal, identical in content with the proposal of the US investigators submitted to NSF, following the format detailed in item 5.3.

5.2.6 Budget worksheets for each type of expense, specific for this initiative (please enclose detailed budget according to FAPESP standards.

5.2.7 Project Budget Justification.

5.2.8 A summary of the items to be financed by the NSF counterpart must also be attached.

5.2.9 Description of which lines of activity of the ongoing project of the PI in São Paulo related to the proposal will benefit from the exchange.

5.2.10 Timeline of each mission provided that the total amount of missions per year year is equivalent to those proposed to NSF by the partner US PI.

5.3 The Research Proposal referred in item 5.2.5, must be submitted in English, and shall contain:

5.3.1 Proposal Cover Sheet The proposal title must start with the text "Materials World Network:” followed by an informative continuation. Inform the name and affiliation of both FAPESP and NSF PIs and the project ID and title of the related ongoing project at FAPESP.

5.3.2 Project Summary: must address in separate statements the intellectual merit and the broader impacts of the proposed activity and, within the context of these two statements, the value added by the proposed international collaboration.

5.3.3 Project Description: may not exceed 17 pages. As indicated in the NSF Grant Proposal Guide, the Project Description must include a section on Results from Prior NSF Support, which is limited to a maximum of 5 pages. The Project Description must clearly describe the work to be undertaken by US and foreign participants in an integrated fashion. The Project Description must also include a specific summary of the proposed interaction, stating the anticipated scientific benefits of the interaction and not to exceed 2 pages. Within these 2 pages the plans for involving students, postdoctoral associates, and junior researchers in general in the international research activities must be clearly described and appropriate resources must be allocated in the budget request for this purpose.

6. In case of approval, the research project will be funded by each partnering institution to benefit their own community of researchers.

7. All questions related to this initiative must be directed to the following email addresses. To insure a prompt reply, please use "FAPESP MWN” as part of the email subject.

7.1 To FAPESP: Mr. Alexandre Roccatto (

7.2 To NSF : Michael J. Scott (


(The FAPESP e-mail above, used specifically for this call for proposals, is no longer valid)