São Paulo – Israel Cooperation in Industrial Research and Innovation Projects

 Note: As a joint FAPESP-MATIMOP decision, the deadline to submission of proposals in this Call for Proposals is postponed to May, 29th, 2015. The remaining content of the Call for Proposals is not modified.


Under the framework of the agreement signed between FAPESP - São Paulo Research Foundation, on behalf of the State of São Paulo, Brazil and MATIMOP -The Israeli Industry Center for R&D, acting on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), the parties agree to promote and facilitate bilateral research and innovation projects between Entities from the State of São Paulo, the Federative Republic of Brazil and from the State of Israel. Research and Innovation Projects should demonstrate the technological and mutually beneficial contribution of the participants from both States as well as address specific market needs or challenges and demonstrate high industrial relevance and commercial potential.

1. Eligibility

Proposals must be prepared and submitted by organizations in Israel and in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, according to the following eligibility criteria:

a) At the Israeli side: R&D performing companies registered in Israel, according to the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy - OCS eligibility criteria.

To see a list of potential eligible companies in Israel, please access

b) At the São Paulo, Brazil side: researchers associated to a small business (less than 250 employees) established in the State of Sao Paulo. Proposals submitted to FAPESP must follow the rules of FAPESP’s Program for Innovative Research in Small Businesses (PIPE), except if explicitly indicated in this CFP, including the specific Submission Form to this CFP, available at

To see a list of potential eligible researchers associated to companies in the State of Sao Paulo, please access

c) Under the framework of this R&D agreement, Israeli companies and Brazilian companies, that have existing ownership relations, can be considered candidates for submission. Such requests are subject to a submission of an outline which clearly states the special circumstances for this project and the benefits achieved by each participant from this project.

2. Common Requirements

The joint R&D project should aim at the development of products/processes leading to commercialization in the global market or in Brazil. Additionally, the proposals must demonstrate all of the following requirements:

a) The products/processes to be developed must be highly innovative and with significant commercial potential.

b) The partners in Israel and in São Paulo, Brazil, must agree in advance on an IP rights agreement and on a commercialization strategy for the product or process.

c) The partners in Israel and in São Paulo, Brazil, must be capable of implementing the project and funding their respective share.

d) The project should demonstrate the scientific and technological contribution of the participants from both countries.

e) The project must demonstrate adequate balance among the participants and significance to both partners.

3. Funding Value and Matching Funds

Selected R&D projects will receive funding from OCS in Israel and FAPESP in the State of Sao Paulo.

Funds will be provided in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures established by each organization, and/or each jurisdiction/country. Although the individual type and value of individual contributions allocated to a R&D project may vary, each bilateral project must demonstrate equivalent total contribution from each participating country. Total contribution may be defined as the combined value of cash, human resource effort, services and/or equipment that each country invests in an R&D project.

FAPESP and MATIMOP will jointly select up to 10 proposals, according to the norms, conditions and funding limits of each of the Parties, as presented at item 4.1 to FAPESP and item 4.2 to MATIMOP.

3.1 Funding for R&D Project Participants in the State of Sao Paulo

a) FAPESP will fund projects under the terms, conditions and funding limits of the FAPESP Program PIPE (Innovative Research in Small Businesses - defined as companies with less than 250 employees) in the State of Sao Paulo.

b) Funding to be granted is for Principal Investigators associated to Small Businesses.

3.2 Funding for R&D Project Participants in Israel

a) In Israel, funding by the OCS will be transferred to R&D performing companies only, in accordance with the National Laws, Rules, Regulations and procedures in effect.

a.1) Funding by MATIMOP/OCS may be provided in the form of conditional grant in Israel.

a.2) The total funding from the Government of Israel via the OCS, under this framework, will not exceed 50% of the eligible and approved costs of the R&D, in accordance with the national laws and regulations. In addition, developing zones top-ups will apply.

a.3) Research institutes may participate and be funded as subcontractors.

4. Submission of proposals

a) The bilateral cooperation form must be signed by the partners from São Paulo, Brazil and from Israel and submitted to FAPESP and MATIMOP (within the deadline of the Call) to the e-mail addresses listed in item 10 below;

b) Applicants from Israel are required to submit the National Application form in accordance with the OCS regulations, through an online system:

i The application in the prescribed format has to be submitted to MATIMOP as well, at the coordinates provided at the end of the document.

c) Applicants from the State of Sao Paulo are required to submit one (1) hard copy and a CD/USB stick memory containing the completed and signed Full Application and other necessary FAPESP forms (will be provided to the successful EOI applicants) to the following address (please ensure the Application Reference Number is listed on the cover of the Full Application).

Rua Pio XI 1500, 05468-901, Alto da Lapa, São Paulo, SP, Brazil

5. Evaluation and selection of the projects

a) FAPESP in São Paulo and OCS/MATIMOP in Israel will carry out independent evaluations of each joint R&D proposal in accordance with their National/Institutional Laws and Regulations.

b) A proposal will be considered selected under this agreement if both FAPESP and OCS/MATIMOP jointly decide to approve it.

6. Publication of the Results

The partners from São Paulo, Brazil, and from Israel whose proposals have been selected will be informed of the result and the amount of funding by their respective implementing organization.

7. Intellectual Property policy and Royalties repayment

a) In São Paulo:

According to the rules of FAPESP’s Program for Innovative Research in Small Businesses (PIPE).

b) In Israel:

Royalties repayment, when applicable, will follow the OCS rules and procedures.

8. Schedule



Release of R&D Call for Proposals:

November, 5th, 2014

Full Application Deadline

May, 8th, 2015

Notification of Successful Proposals, from

May, 2015

Executed Grant Agreements and starting of the projects, from

June, 2015

9. Information Contact 

São Paulo

Diego Muñoz 
Technical Advisor 
Scientific Directorate 
Tel: 55-11-3838-4000 
Fax: 55-11-3838-4111 
R. Pio XI, 1500 - Alto da Lapa 
05468-901 - São Paulo, SP


Ilana Gross 
Latin America Desk 
MATIMOP - Israeli Industry Center for R&D 
Tel: +972 3 5118184 
Fax: +972 3 5177655 
Tel-Aviv 61500, Israel 29 Hamered St. 
(P. 0. Box 50364)