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FAPESP and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States maintain a cooperation agreement to encourage joint research proposals submitted by researchers eligible by NIH regulations in collaboration with researchers from the State of São Paulo eligible by FAPESP’s regulations.

Areas of interest include those covered by the missions of the NIH centers and institutes participating in this collaborative opportunity ( Proposals must be submitted in accordance with the dates and procedures of the NIH.

How to submit

Researchers from the State of São Paulo interested in preparing proposals in collaboration with colleagues eligible to NIH should send to FAPESP a draft summary of the intended proposal in order to obtain a letter from FAPESP that declares his/her eligibility. This request must be submitted at least four weeks before the date intended for submission of the proposal to the NIH, to allow sufficient time for FAPESP top evaluate the request. NIH will not accept joint proposals for which the researcher in São Paulo does not have an eligibility letter issued by FAPESP.

Presently, the agreement between FAPESP and NIH cover NIH’s grants of the type R01 and, on FAPESP’s side, Thematic grants.

Only NIH will analyze R01 proposal and, if approved there, the PI from the State of São Paulo will be asked, at the appropriate moment by the POC at FAPESP, to forward their NIH summary statement, full application and additional documents required to FAPESP to submit a Thematic Project and be considered for parallel support.

The proposal to the NIH should include information on the principal researcher in the State of São Paulo considered eligible by FAPESP.

For each selected proposal, the NIH will be responsible for funding of researchers in the United States while FAPESP will be responsible for the funding of research groups in the state of São Paulo.

The memorandum of understanding was signed on 23 December 2014, valid for five years, and may be extended for an additional period of five years.

Proposal submission instructions:

Selected proposals under the agreement:

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