The UK Academies/CONFAP - Fellowship and Research Mobility


FAPESP, CONFAP (National Council for the State Funding Agencies) and The UK Academies (The Academy of Medical Sciences, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Society, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to encourage and support increased capacity in Brazil in the area of research and innovation (

Specifically for the Newton Fund opportunities, announced by CONFAP, applicants from the UK must adhere to the following guidelines concerning the submission of funding requests for support research under the FAPESP’s Young Investigator Award Program. These guidelines refer to the item 3 of the Annex 2 of the MoU (

1. Introduction

a. The UK Academies, specifically the British Academy, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society, will offer Newton International Fellowships and Newton Advanced Fellowships to the Brazilian research community, covering the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and medical (including clinical and patient-orientated research) sciences. For further details, see Annex 1 of the MoU.

b. Specifically the British Academy, the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering, will also offer Mobility Grants to the Brazilian research community, covering the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and engineering. For further details, see Annex 1 of the MoU.

c. The participating FAPs will offer scholarships, grants and mobility support to visiting researchers coming from the United Kingdom. Proposals in all areas of knowledge will be welcome. For further details, see Annex 2 of the MoU.

2. Young Investigators Award

FAPESP will also offer, as part of the Brazilian side matching funds, an opportunity for young investigators from the UK to start a research career in a university or research institution in the State of São Paulo through its Young Investigator Awards. The UK Academies will assist FAPESP in announcing the YIA opportunity to prospective post-doctoral fellows in the UK and will pre-select candidates to be presented to FAPESP. Pre-screened Young Investigators will submit proposals in the FAPESP Young Investigator Awards Program (

3. Eligibility and general conditions

The UK researcher must have a PhD or equivalent title and an outstanding research track record, and typically 2-5 years post-doctoral experience in a research group in the UK. For details about eligibility and other conditions, please consult

4. Funding conditions

A FAPESP Young Investigator Award comprises funds for (more details at

a. Equipment, consumables, services, and travel necessary to the 4-year research project.

b. A monthly fellowship for the Young Investigator of R$ 6,980.40 (tax-free) to be paid for up to four years or until he/she obtains a permanent position in a university or research institution in the State of São Paulo.

5. Required Documents

The FAPESP Research Proposal Form for Young Investigator Awards, specific for this Call, that includes a list of further required obligatory documentation as described at

6. Submission of proposals to FAPESP

a. The required documentation (item 5 above), must be submitted to FAPESP before October 23, 2015.

b. All proposals shall be sent to FAPESP in hard copy only to the following address: Rua Pio XI, 1500, Alto da Lapa, CEP 05468-901 - São Paulo - SP, with “ UK Academies/CONFAP - Fellowship and Research Mobility” written on the envelope.

c. No proposal will be accepted after the closing date for submission, nor will any addendum or explanation be accepted, unless those explicitly and formally requested by FAPESP.

d. Proposals submitted by any other means or late submissions will not be accepted.

7. Analysis and selection

All valid proposals will be evaluated using the regular procedures from FAPESP for Young Investigator Awards.

8. Results of the selection

The results will be announced by FAPESP at

9. Contract for selected projects

Selected proposals will be the object of a grant contract (at FAPESP) to be signed by the host PI (co-applicant) in the State of São Paulo or by the visiting UK researcher in the case of the Young Investigator Award, and a representative of the Higher Education and Research Institution to which he/she is affiliated.

10. Grant cancellation

FAPESP may cancel funding if, during the grant timeframe, a fact is of sufficient gravity to justify cancellation, at the discretion of the Scientific Director, without prejudice of any other appropriate actions.

11. Information about this Call for Proposals at FAPESP

The questions related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to Bruna A. Musa, e-mail



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