Fellowships Versão em português

FAPESP’s programs for developing Human Resources for Research include fellowships in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and abroad. FAPESP applies approximately a third of its budget in its various fellowship programs. All fellowships are awarded following a peer review selection process.

Fellowships in the State of São Paulo

Fellowships in research institutions based in the State of São Paulo are available in the following levels:

  • Scientific Initiation (IC), for undergraduates working in a research project;  

  • Masters (MS), Honors Doctorate (DD) and Doctorate (DR), for graduate students developing research projects that will result in dissertations or theses;  

  • Post-doctorate (PD), for talented scientists associated to research projects.

Fellowships abroad

The programs for fellowships abroad include:

  • Research Fellowships Abroad (BPE), for scientists who have a permanent position in a research institution in the State of São Paulo and obtain a leave of absence to develop a research project in a foreign institution.   

  • Research Internships Abroad (BEPE), for undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral researchers with an ongoing FAPESP fellowship in the State of São Paulo who are pursuing a short or medium term research internship in a research institution abroad.

Page updated on 02/16/2016 - Published on 10/16/2009