Visiting Researcher Award Versão em português

The Visiting Researcher Award offers full or partial support for the hosting of experienced investigators, associated with foreign research institutions, who will work in a research institution in the State of São Paulo for a period from 2 weeks to a maximum (non-extendable) period of 12 months. The visiting researcher must hold PhD degree and have an outstanding record of scientific accomplishments.

This Program aims to promote collaboration between investigators in the State of São Paulo and their colleagues abroad for the development of ongoing research projects or for assisting the launching of new collaborations.

Proposals can be submitted at any time by investigators associated with higher education and research institutions in the State of São Paulo. Final decision on the proposal can be expected in up to 75 days.

The host investigator must have a PhD degree (or equivalent), be associated to a research institution of the State of São Paulo and must have an expressive record of scientific contribution to her(his) field.

For further information on the Visiting Researcher Program and instructions to find a potential host researcher in the State of São Paulo, please contact Dr Bruna Musa at

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