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The State of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) is one of the main funding agencies for scientific and technological research in the country. It is linked to the State of São Paulo's Secretariat for Higher Education.

Since 1962, with its autonomy guaranteed by law, FAPESP has been awarding funds for research and fellowships in all areas of knowledge, and finances other activities in support of study, exchanges and the dissemination of science and technology in São Paulo.

How the support is delivered

Fellowships and financial awards are the traditional means offered by FAPESP for the promotion of scientific and technological research in all areas of knowledge: Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, all fields of Engineering, Agrarian Science, Applied Social Sciences, Linguistics and Humanities and the Arts.

The fellowships are intended for graduate and post-graduate students in teaching and research institutions in the State of São Paulo. Financial awards are intended for researchers in teaching and research institutions in the State of São Paulo who hold a minimum qualification of doctorate.

Fellowships and financial awards are allocated within three lines of funding: Regular lines, Special Programs and Technological Innovation.

The Regular lines are geared towards responding to spontaneous demand (the so-called "over the counter" demand) from researchers attached to the universities and research institutions based in the State of São Paulo. They represent, therefore, a solid support for the research proposals freely conceived and delineated by the scientific and technological community in the State of São Paulo.

The Special Programs are geared to correcting existing (or even predicted) funding shortfalls in the State Science and Technology System. While the Technological Innovation line comprises a variety of programs in which the research projects have a great potential for the development of new technologies with practical application in a variety of areas of knowledge. The programs of these two lines, financed principally from the institution's core funds, are the pillars of the inductive, orienting action, of scientific and technological development which is also within FAPESP's remit to undertake, in agreementance with the State government's Science and Technology policy.

Candidates seeking support from FAPESP, within the Regular Lines or the Special Programs, can avail themselves of the appropriate forms in each case to submit their proposals. There are also some procedures to be observed by applicants for funding from the Foundation.

Evaluation Process

All the proposals submitted to FAPESP, framed in whichever of its programs, are assessed on the basis of scientific and technological merit and agreementing to their compliance with FAPESP's norms and criteria of priority.

This evaluation is undertaken by peers, advisors chosen amongst scientists of recognized competence, and agreementing to the nature and area of knowledge in which each project is deemed to fit.

For this purpose, FAPESP has a network of volunteer advisors, the majority active researchers in the State of São Paulo, besides others that are scattered throughout Brazil and abroad.

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