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Call for proposals with BE-Basic has new dates

Call for proposals with BE-Basic has new dates

Elegibility consultation can be made until April 7 and researchers from São Paulo and the Netherlands can submitted proposals of collaboration until April 28 (photo: BE-Basic)

The São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP and the BE-Basic Consortium annouce new dates for the fourth call for research proposals under the memorandum of understanding between the institutions. Elegibility consultation can be made until April 7, 2017 and the new deadline for proposal submission is April 28.

The call is open to researchers that are associated to BE-Basic, in the Netherlands, and to non-profit higher education and research institutions in the State of São Paulo.

FAPESP has been supporting research projects relevant for the advancement of knowledge and technology in Bioenergy. For over 50 years the Foundation has funded, through its several research funding instruments, a large number of research projects in themes related to Energy and the Environment. Besides advancing fundamental and applied knowledge of Bioenergy, the FAPESP Research Program on Bioenergy (BIOEN) aims at contributing decisively towards the formation of scientific and technical personnel in the field of Bioenergy R&D.

The BE-Basic Foundation is a public-private consortium composed of mainly Dutch universities, knowledge institutes and companies, which have received a research grant from Dutch Ministries to execute the BE-Basic Program. The purpose of the program is to develop the required knowledge and technology to stimulate industrial bio-based solutions for a sustainable society.

The research projects should help to build up scientific and technological competencies, foster strategic alliances for scientific and technological development, promote the dissemination of knowledge and generate results which potentially could lead to applications with commercial value in the areas of interest to FAPESP and BE-Basic.

Relevant themes for the call for proposals include “Synthetic Biology for Biofuels and Bio-based Chemicals”, “Sustainability” and “Biofuel Industrial Technologies”.

Proposals must be written in English and each one must have a principal investigator in the Netherlands and a principal investigator in São Paulo State. The proposal must describe the work planned for each party involved in the project.

Applicants from São Paulo must meet FAPESP’s eligibility requirements. Proposals will be submitted only to FAPESP and must be in accordance to one of the following Research Award schemes: Regular Research Awards; Young Investigator Awards; or Thematic Project Awards.

The call for proposals is published at: