FAPESP announces result of SPRINT 3/2015 call Versão em português

FAPESP announces result of SPRINT 3/2015 call Proposals of collaboration between researchers from Brazil and France, UK and the U.S. were selected

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) announces the result of the third call for proposals in 2015 for SPRINT - São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration, a strategy designed to encourage and promote the advancement of scientific research through the engagement of researchers affiliated with research institutions in the State of São Paulo with researcher partners abroad.

In this SPRINT Edition the partner institutions were:

  • France: CNRS and Groupe des Écoles Centrales

  • UK: Institute of Education - University of London

  • USA: Texas Tech University, University of California Davis, University of Illinois, University of Maryland, University of North Carolina and Vanderbilt University

FAPESP will provide the selected proposals with funds for travel (air tickets), health insurance and living allowances for researchers from the State of São Paulo that will visit the partner institution.

Selected proposals:


Project title

Christian Horacio Olivera
Instituto de Matemática, Estatística e Computação Científica / UNICAMP

Ciprian Tudor
Université de Lille 1 / CNRS

Regularity in law of first order stochastic partial differential equations

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50456-6

Esfhan Alam Kherani
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais / MCTI

Lucie Rolland
Université Côte D'azur / CNRS

Quantitative modeling of ocean/ionosphere coupling for monitoring tsunamis from space

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50541-3

Frederique Marie Brigitte Sylvie Grassi
Instituto de Física / USP

Jean-Yves Ollitrault

Observing the minibang through its fluctuation spectrum

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50438-8

Margarete Cristiane de Costa Trindade Amorim
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - Presidente Prudente / UNESP

Vincent Dubreuil
Université Rennes 2 / CNRS

Diagnosis and analysis of the daily evolution of urban heat islands in mid sized cities, in tropical and temperate climates

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50439-4

Philippe Wilhelm Courteille
Instituto de Física de São Carlos / USP

Robin Kaiser
Institute Non-Linéaire de Nice / CNRS

123: Dimensionality and cooperativity

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50422-4

Vera da Silva Telles
Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas / USP

Olivier Pliez
Université Toulouse 2 / CNRS

Inconspicuous globalizations: compared fields (Brazil-Maghreb) mondialisations discretes: terrains compares

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50427-6

Alexandre Kawano
Escola Politécnica / USP

Ecole Centrale de Lyon

A contribution to safety and reliability of pipelines and risers in the petroleum industry applications of mathematical inverse techniques

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50461-0

Andrea Parolin Jackowski
EPM / UNIFESP                    

Elizabeth Trejes-Castilho
Ann Mastergeorge

Incidence and effects of toxic stress on neurodevelopmental,cognitive and socioemotional outcomes in children and adolescents: a cross national comparative collaboration

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50469-0

Cassiana Carolina Montagner Raimund
Instituto de Química /UNICAMP

David Klein

Determination of emerging contaminants and the comparison of efficiency of removal by wastewater treatment in São Paulo State, Brazil and Lubbock, Texas, United States of America

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50458-9

Ricardo Shohei Hattori
Apta / SAASP

Reynaldo Patiño

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, global warming and reproductive health in fishes

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50465-5

Sonia Jancar
Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas / USP

Naima Moustaid-Moussa

Mechanisms mediating anti inflammatory effects of omega 3 fatty acids in metabolic disorders: role of lipid mediators and micro RNAs

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50441-9

Sonia Marli Zingaretti
UNAERP - Ribeirão Preto

Kameswara Rao Kottapalli

Molecular mechanisms including micro RNA regulation of abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in sugarcane

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50451-4

Alessandra Alves de Souza
Instituto Agronômico / Campinas / SAASP

Maeli Melotto
UC Davis

Molecular basis for pathogen recognition and resistance aimed to control bacterial diseases of citrus

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50462-6

Ana Lucia Barretto Penna
Instituto de Biociências, Letras e Ciências Exatas – S.J do Rio Preto / UNESP

Jaime Salcedo Dominguez
UC Davis

Fermented products by lactic acid bacteria: basic and applied studies

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50463-2

Aulus Cavalieri Carciofi
Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias – Jaboticabal / UNESP

Andrea J. Fascetti
UC Davis

Diets with different protein and carbohydrate ratios for cats: effects on energy and protein metabolism and methods to evaluate energy expenditure

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50455-0

Douglas Gouvea
Escola Politécnica / USP

Alexandra Navrotsky
UC Davis

Interfaces in ceramic processing

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50443-1

Izabelle Auxiliadora Molina de Almeida Teixeira
Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias – Jaboticabal / UNESP

Ermias Kebreab
UC Davis

Improving our understanding of nutritional requirements to reduce environmental impact of livestock

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50444-8

Fabio Luiz Navarro Marques
Faculdade de Medicina / USP

Julie Sutcliffe
UC Davis

Establishment of multicenter platform for the development of molecular imaging agents

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50433-6

Jorge Simão do Rosario Casseb
Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo / USP

James Hildreth
UC Davis

HIV tropism evaluation in HTLV-I/II co-infected individuals in brazil

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50534-7

Thais Maria Ferreira de Souza Vieira
Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz / USP

Juliana Maria N. Leite de Moura Bell
UC Davis

Optimizing antioxidant extraction and milk processing conditions for reduced lipid oxidation

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50437-1

Vilma Regina Martins
AC Camargo Cancer Center / FAP

Ralph De Vere White
Primo Lara

The patient derived xenograft as a platform to identify cancer biomarkers in circulating exosomes in renal cell carcinoma

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50428-2

Jose Vicente Caixeta Filho
Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz / USP

Luis Felipe Rodriguez
University of Illinois

CYBERSAS : Cybergis for sustainable food and agricultural systems

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50535-3

Ivan Struchiner                
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística / USP

Rui Loja Fernandes
University of Illinois

Geometric structures via Lie Theory

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50472-1

Alberto Waingort Setzer
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais / MCTI

Wilfrid Schroeder
University of Maryland

Collaborative effort for biomass burning science exchange – CEBB

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50454-3

Ana Flavia Nogueira
Instituto de Química / UNICAMP

Marina Soares Leite
University of Maryland

Mapping charge carrier recombination in Perovskite solar cells with nanoscale spatial resolution

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50450-8

Cecilia Bertoni Martha Hadler Chirenti
Centro Matematica Computacao Cognicao / UFABC

Michael Coleman Miller
University Of Maryland

Gravitational waves and neutron star oscillations

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50421-8

Paolo Piccione
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística / USP

Yanir A. Rubenstein
University of Maryland

Geometric anaysis and variational problems in Riemannian and Kahler geometry

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50470-9

Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato
Instituto de Física de São Carlos / USP

Juan Luis Vivero-Escoto
University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Multifunctional hybrid nanoparticles to enhance photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photodynamic inactivation (PDI) efficacy

FAPESP grant number: 2015/50471-5

The call for proposals is published at:



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