FAPESP, the British Council and ANII will fund research workshops Versão em português

FAPESP, the British Council and ANII will fund research workshops Workshops can take place until March 31, 2017 in the State of São Paulo and in Uruguay (photo: British Council)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), the British Council and the Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación de Uruguay (ANII) announce a call for proposals to support the organization of research workshops.

The initiative is announced under the scope of Researcher Links program, supported by the Newton Fund (United Kingdom).

This call aims is to provide financial support to bring together a UK / São Paulo State, Brazil / Uruguay cohort of early career researchers to take part in a workshop focusing on building links for future collaborations and enhancing career opportunities. FAPESP, the British Council and ANII will jointly fund the workshops.

Proposals will be accepted in any discipline or multidisciplinary area within the following themes: Natural resources management, Healthcare, Agriculture / food production, Renewable and alternative energy and alternative sources, Social sciences, Human rights, Urbanization and sustainable development, Climate change adaptation and Resilience; and Neglected diseases such as caused by Zika virus.

The workshops will be held in English and must take place between November 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017, in alternation in the State of São Paulo or in Uruguay. Up to 42 researchers will be able to take part in each workshop.

The events must be coordinated by three leading researchers: one from a UK institution, one from an institution in the State of São Paulo and one from a Uruguay institution.

Coordinators from the State of São Paulo must be or have been principal or co-principal investigators of research projects funded by FAPESP within at least one of the following FAPESP funding lines: Thematic Projects, Young Investigators Award (JP), Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (CEPIDs/RIDCs), and Research Partnership for Technological Innovation (PITE).

Applicants should submit a joint proposal to the British Council and to FAPESP before June 27, 2016.

The call is available at:

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