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SPRINT 02/2016 call selects 25 research projects FAPESP will fund collaborations between researchers in the State of São Paulo and institutions in several countries (foto: FAPESP)

The second call for proposals in 2016 for the SPRINT – São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration initiative selected 25 research collaboration projects.

FAPESP will fund the mobility of researchers from the State of São Paulo to institutions in Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain and United States.

The call for proposals has the purpose of promoting the engagement of researchers to further develop qualitatively the ongoing research projects and to cooperate in joint research projects of medium and long term. 

Selected proposals:



Daniel Marcos Bonotto
Inst. Geociências Ciências Exatas Rio Claro / Unesp

Ashantha Goonetilleke
Queensland University of Technology / ATN

Urban water cycle as the basis for creating a research agenda for sustainable development

FAPESP grant: 2016/50327-4

Fabio Coral Fonseca
Inst. Pesquisas Energéticas Nucleares / SDECTSP

Ziqi Sun
Queensland University of Technology /  ATN

Chemical fabrication of active nanomaterials for fuel cells on natural gas and bioethanol fuels

FAPESP grant: 2016/50339-2

Patricia Chakur Brum
Esc. Educação Física Esporte / USP

James Turner
University of Bath

Predicting survival in non-small-cell lung cancer: a link between cancer cachexia, cardiorespiratory fitness and cancer immune surveillance?

FAPESP grant: 2016/50336-3

Giuseppe Palmisano
Inst. Ciências Biomédicas / USP

Arturo Sala
Brunel University London

MYC: a regulator of exosome protein cargo?

FAPESP grant: 2016/50356-4

Gennady Gusev
Inst Física / USP

Vladmir Falko
University of Manchester

Quantum transport in Dirac metal and fluid based on HGTE quantum wells

FAPESP grant: 2016/50319-1

Ettore Segreto
Inst. Física Gleb Wataghin / Unicamp

Andrzej Szelc
University of Manchester

Developing advanced scintillation light read out systems for liquid argon neutrino detectors

FAPESP grant: 2016/50330-5

Ana Maria da Costa Ferreira
Inst. Química / USP

Floriana Tuna
University of Manchester

Advanced EPR spectroscopy applied to mechanistic studies on metallodrugs-biomolecules interactions

FAPESP grant: 2016/50342-3

Janina Onuki
Inst. Relações Internacionais / USP

Simone Turchetti
University of Manchester

Intercontinental science diplomacy: the case of EU-Brazil cooperation

FAPESP grant: 2016/50357-0

Roberto Ruggiero Braga
Fac Odontologia / USP

Ramin Rohanizadeh
University of Sydney

Development of calcium phosphate nanoparticles functionalized with acidic monomers for dental remineralization

FAPESP grant: 2016/50321-6

Fabio Micolis de Azevedo
Fac. Ciências Tecnologia Presidente Prudente / Unesp

Evangellos Papas
University of Sydney

International partnership to improve clinical and biomechanical studies related to knee disability

FAPESP grant: 2016/50320-0

Michelle Ratton Sanchez Badin
Esc. Direito São Paulo / FGVSP

Vivienne Bath
University of Sydney

Foreign direct investment and the role of China - a comparative study of Australian and Brazilian domestic and international responses

FAPESP grant: 2016/50334-0

Leonardo Oliveira Pena Costa
Unicid - Universidade Cidade de São Paulo

Paulo Henrique Ferreira
University of Sydney

Back pain prevalence in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo: a cross sectional, population-based study

FAPESP grant: 2016/50333-4

Katia Jorge Ciuofi Pires
Pró Reitoria Adjunta Graduação / Unifran

Rafael Rives Arnau
Universidad de Salamanca

Materials with advanced technological and environmental applications

FAPESP grant: 2016/50322-2 

Edson Antonio Ticianelli
Inst. Química São Carlos / USP

Richard Tilley
University of New South Wales

Design of new hybrid metallic nanostructures as catalysts for fuel cell application

FAPESP grant: 2016/50335-7

Diego Antonio Falceta Gonçalves
Esc. Artes Ciências Humanidades / USP

Maria Cunningham
University of New South Wales

Determining the relationship between turbulence and star formation using statistical comparisons between large observational datasets and a large ensemble of theoretical models

FAPESP grant: 2016/50340-0

Andrea Laurato Sertie
Inst. Israelita Ensino Pesquisa Albert Einstein / SBIBAE

Irina Voineagu
University of New South Wales

Gene expression analysis on in vitro neuronal models and post-mortem brain tissues to understand autism spectrum disorder 

FAPESP grant: 2016/50324-5

Niels Olsen Saraiva Camara
Inst. Ciências Biomédicas / USP

Bill Giannakopoulus
University of New South Wales

MAST cell trytases and experimental chronic kidney disease

FAPESP grant: 2016/50323-9

Andre Paniago Lessa
Centro de Ciências Naturais e Humanas / UFABC

Sabine Kraml
Université Grenoble Alpes / CNRS

Simplified models beyond supersymmetry

FAPESP grant: 2016/50338-6

Daciberg Lima Gonçalves
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística / USP

John Guaschi
Université de Caen / CNRS

Generalisations of configuration spaces, relations between braid and almost-crystallographic groups, and applications to the study of the Borsuk-Ulam property and multi-valued maps

FAPESP grant: 2016/50354-1

Maria Leonor Sarno De Oliveira
Instituto Butantan / SSSP

Daniel Ladant
Institut Pasteur / CNRS

Development of recombinant vaccines against Streptococcus pneumoniae based on the adjuvant activity of the adenylate cyclase toxin from Bordetella pertussis – strepcyavac

FAPESP grant: 2016/50296-1

Valdir Guimarães
Instituto de Física / USP

Fairouz Hammache
Université Paris Sud  / CNRS

Experimental study of nuclear reactions of astrophysical interest

FAPESP grant: 2016/50315-6

Vera Regina Leopoldo Constantino
Instituto de Química / USP

Christiane Taviot-Guého
Université Basile Pascal / CNRS

Biocompatible nanovectors based on hybrid on hybrid lamellar materials and composites with polymers for drug release

FAPESP grant: 2016/50317-9

Sandra Yasuyo Fukada Alves
Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas de Ribeirão Preto / USP

Shauna Culshaw
University of Glasgow

The role of O-glcnacylation in the host immune response and bone resorption

FAPESP grant: 2016/50332-8

Cristiano de Mello Gallep
Fac.Tecnologia / Unicamp

Daniel Robert
University of Bristol

(according to item 2.2 SPRINT)

The biomechanics and biophotonics of plant health and development

FAPESP grant: 2016/50344-6

Stela Marcia Mattiello
Centro Ciências Biológicas Saúde/Ufscar

Marcos de Noronha
La Trobe University

(according to item 2.2 SPRINT)

The effects of diferent exercise protocols and dioferent delivery methods on the progression of knee osteoarthritis

FAPESP grant: 2016/50346-9

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