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Brazil will have a new energies research center

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and BG E&P Brasil, a member of the Shell Group of Companies, will fund a research center for new energies in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

The parties jointly announced a call for proposals for the New Energies Research Center (NERC) in four strategic divisions: Dense Energy Carriers, Advanced Energy Storage, Methane to Products, and Computational Material Science.

The Center will aim to have positive and sustainable societal impact and achieve world-wide recognition for its research into new energies sciences. NERC’s long term vision also includes contributing to the development of Bachelor, Master’s level and vocational training for new entrants and employees pursuing education and careers in new energies fields.

The Center must have effective mechanisms for education and dissemination of knowledge, and technology transfer.

The opening date for submission of proposals is May 16, 2017. The deadline for proposal submission is June 9.

All proposals will be internationally peer reviewed; they must therefore be presented in English.

The call for proposals is published at:

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