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FAPESP and Statoil will fund research center Institutions announce call for proposals for Engineering Research Center in Reservoir and Production Management (photo: Statoil)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and Statoil, a Norwegian multinational energy company, will fund an Engineering Research Center in Reservoir and Production Management (ERC-RPM), in Brazil.

The institutions announce a call for proposals for establishing the center, whose focus at a strategic level will be to undertake R&D in to: Production optimization; Enhanced / Increased Oil Recovery; and Water handling.

The plan for the selected ERC-RPM should include internationally competitive research and explore the synergies and complementarities among those topics.

The Center should be able to demonstrate world-class expertise, and be underpinned by the scale, depth and duration of the proposed research activities. To deliver the research programs efficiently and effectively will require continuous interaction between team members to achieve the scientific and technological goals, and the transfer and diffusion of knowledge.

The dimensions, structure, and operation of the ERC-RPM should be determined based on the activities to be carried out regarding research, dissemination and transfer of knowledge.

In particular, the Center should be hosted by one institution in the State of São Paulo. The association with other institutions in the State of São Paulo will be considered to enhance the value of the proposal and in some cases, may be essential to make the proposal stronger.

The Center must have a clear defined common scientific and technological focus around reservoir and production management that articulates all research activities to be developed. It must be understood that this is not an institutional support program and, therefore, research divisions, departments, units and institutions will not be supported as such.

The financial support from FAPESP and Statoil to the Center will be yearly limited to the total amount of R$ 5 million (50% by each party). The specific contribution for each project is subject to further approvals.

For the Center selected, funding will initially be awarded for a 3 years’ period, which may be renewed, by decision of the Joint FAPESP-STATOIL Steering Committee, at the end of the 3rd, 5 th, and 7th years. Funding from FAPESP and STATOIL is not expected to be the sole and exclusive support of the Center.

Instructions for submission will be available from June 1, 2017. The deadline for submission of proposals is July 28, 2017. In June, FAPESP and Statoil will organize a workshop about the call for proposals.

All proposals will be internationally peer reviewed; hence, they must be presented in English.

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