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Helvecio Della Coletta Filho

Area Panels - Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

Helvecio Della Coletta Filho is B.Sc. in Agronomy (1990) by the School of Agrarian and Veterinary Science of Jaboticabal (UNESP 1990) and M.Sc. in Science (1994) by the Nuclear Energy on Agriculture Center (CENA / USP) (1994), and Doctor  in Genetics and Molecular Biology by UNICAMP (2002).  He attended Pos-doctoral internship at the Department of Environmental and Policy Management, University of California, Berkeley, from 2009 to 2010, working on population genetics of Xylella fastidiosa. He is scientific researcher level VI at Agronomic Institute (Instituto Agronômico – IAC),  from 2004 until now, with research focus on genetics, biology and diagnostic of  agricultural pathogens with emphasis on citrus pathosystem.  

He is member of the graduation committee in Vegetal Production and Associated Bioprocess of UFSCar (Araras, SP) and Director of Reference Laboratory Unity of Citriculture Center Sylvio Moreira (IAC) and technical responsible for the Phytopathological Clinic , a laboratory accredited by Cgcre/Inmetro under the ISO/IEC 17025  general requirements. He participates in several commissions of scientific and technical publishing as well as and  planning of scientific programming of Citriculture Center Sylvio Moreira (IAC). 


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