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Hellmut Eckert

Area Panel - Physics

PhD in Physical Chemistry from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster, Germany (1982). Postdoctoral research at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, USA, 1982-84) and at the California Institute of Technology (1984-87). Academic career (Assistant, Associate, Full Professor) at the Department of Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Since 1995 Full Professor (C4) at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, WWU Münster. On permanent leave of absence from the WWU since 2011 to assume the position of Full Professor at the Physics Institute of São Carlos (IFSC), University of São Paulo (USP).

He served as editor of the journals Chemistry of Materials (American Chemical Society, 1998-2011), and Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Elsevier 1992-2017).

Professional awards include the Haber Prize (1989, from the German Society of Physical Chemistry) and the George Morey Award (2016, from the American Ceramic Society). He is a Member of the Academy of Sciences of the State of Northrhine Westphalia, Germany, and serves as a permanent member on review panels of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. (Humboldt / CAPES Program and Georg Forster Fellowships and Prizes). Since 2013, he has been Vice-Coordinator of the Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials (CeRTEV), CEPID Program of FAPESP. 

His research expertise lies in Condensed Matter Physics and Science of disordered materials (glasses, ceramics, nano-composites). His current research involves the development of structure/property correlations in optical, electrical and catalytic materials, based on the application of spectroscopic methods, in particular modern magnetic resonance techniques. 


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