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Luiz Nunes de Oliveira

Adjunct Panel - Scientific Divulgation Programs - Pesquisa FAPESP magazine

Professor of Theoretical Physics, Instituto de Física de São Carlos, University of São Paulo. BSc and MSc — University of São Paulo. PhD — Cornell University (1980). Post-doctoral researcher — University of California at Santa Barbara (1986-1988). Visiting scholar — The Ohio State University (1994-1995).

Member of the São Paulo State Academy of Science and of the Brazilian Academy of Science. Medal of Scientific Merit from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation. Research Provost — University of São Paulo (2001-2005). Editor in Chief — Brazilian Journal of Physics (2011-2014).

His work has been split between two research lines: strongly correlated electronic systems and Density-Functional Theory. Along the former, his research has supported the development of the numerical renormalization-group method, first introduced by Kenneth G. Wilson in 1975, and made a number of novel applications to impurity models. Along the later research line, he has collaborated with Eberhard K. U. Gross and Walter Kohn to develop density-functional formalisms for superconductors and for ensembles of excited states, and with Klaus Capelle to develop a formulation for one-dimensional strongly correlated systems. Currently, his research group is working on a formalism to describe the transport properties of molecular junctions.

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