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Inez Staciarini Batista

Area Panel - Geosciences

She has a Bachelor Degree in Physics from the Federal University of Goiás (1972), Master (1975) and Doctor (1985) Degrees in Space Science from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). She is part of INPE’s staff since 1973, having held the Senior Researcher position in October 1991. At INPE she has held the positions of General Coordinator of the Space and Atmospheric Sciences area, Head of the Aeronomy Division and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Space Geophysics.

In 1987/1988 she developed postdoctoral research at the Boston University, USA. She is the Brazilian representative at COSPAR (Committee on Space Research), an elected member of the Executive Committees of COSPAR and IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy) and a member of the Gold Medal Committee of the IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics). She is former president of the Latin American Association for Space Geophysics (ALAGE) and former vice-president of the Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf) and of the Brazilian Association for Space Geophysics and Aeronomy (SBGEA).

She was a member of Advisory Committees of CNPq for the area of Geosciences. In 2015 she received the Nero Passos Award from SBGf for her contributions in Research and Education in Geophysics. She is classified as a researcher 1A of CNPq.

She conducts ionospheric research with a focus on the electrodynamic coupling processes between the ionosphere of the equatorial and the low latitude regions, plasma instabilities and processes that lead to the formation of plasma bubbles that interfere with the propagation of electromagnetic waves traveling in the medium as well as on the effects of space weather in the ionosphere.


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