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Amendment nº 1 to the Agreement 

Amendment nº1 to the Cooperation Agreement signed on September 15 th, 2016, between the Sao Paulo Research Foundation and the CALDO Consortium.

The Sao Paulo Research Foundation, represented by its President, Prof. JOSÉ GOLDEMBERG, in the exercise of the powers delegated by Act of the Governor of the State of São Paulo, published in the Official Gazette of the State, of August 22nd, 2015, hereinafter referred to as FAPESP, and the CALDO Consortium (a corporation governed by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act S.C. 2009, c.23), represented by Gary Slater, President, hereinafter referred to as CALDO, both hereinafter referred to as Signatories:

By this Addendum the Parties AGREE to change the ANNEX 1: CALDO Member Universities, as follows:

I. Include the University of Toronto in the list of CALDO Member Universities.

II. Except as specifically amended hereby, all the terms and conditions of the Cooperation Agreement remain in full force and effect.

Therefore, in mutual consent of the Parties, this Amendment is signed in two copies, in English and Portuguese, both texts being equally authentic.

Gary Slater
José Goldemberg



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