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Fabio Daumas Nunes

Area Panel - Health Sciences

Dentist graduated from the University of Mogi das Cruzes School of Dentistry (1981), MSc in Dental Clinics by the School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo (FO/USP, 1988), PhD in Dentistry/Oral Pathology (FO/USP, 1991), associated professor (FO/USP, 2003), and Full Professor of Oral Pathology at FO/USP (since 2010).

His postdoctoral training was at the National Institutes of Health, Laboratory of Cellular Biology, section on Cell Structure and Dynamics (1994-1996), and section on Sensory Cell Regeneration and Development (1996-1997), studying dynamics and function of specialized cellular structures, and molecular basis for the morphogenesis of developing tissues.

He is the president of the FO/USP Post-Graduation Committee, chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Pathology at FO/USP, fellow of CNPq (1B, 2014-2019), effective member of the International Association for Dental Research and of the European Society of Pathology (ESP), and leader of the research group "Molecular biology of oral neoplasias" (CNPq, 2002-).

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