Agreement between FAPESP and EUREKA BRASIL network Versão em português

Declaration of Intent on Call for Proposals

This Declaration of Intent (hereinafter referred to as this “DOI”) is signed by and between:

The EUREKA Network represented by the Chairman of the EUREKA High Level Group
And the following Brazilian entities:
FINEP / Brazilian Innovation Agency,
FAPESP / São Paulo Research Foundation,
EMBRAPII / Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation,
represented by their respective legal representatives,
herein after referred to as “the Parties”.

The Parties agree to launch a pilot Call for Proposals on July 5 th 2018 to foster collaboration in research and innovation between companies of Brazil and the EUREKA member countries interested in participating in this Call (Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland), herein after referred to as “ EUREKA countries”.

The Parties agree that proposals submitted to the Call must be composed of at least one company in Brazil and at least one company in one of the EUREKA countries.

The Parties agree to support technological collaborative projects in any technological field. Some technological areas may be specified in the text of the Call.

Taking into consideration respective national legislation and international agreements in force, project participants shall adopt appropriate measures to protect intellectual property rights arising from collaborative projects funded under the framework of this Declaration of Intent.

In Brazil and in each of the EUREKA countries a dedicated team will be responsible for implementing the Call for Proposals.

FINEP, FAPESP, EMPRAPII (herein after referred to as “ Brazilian Funding Bodies”) and the National Project Coordinators from the EUREKA Countries (herein after referred to as ‘NPCs’) will provide support for interested Brazilian and European companies to find adequate partners to proposals to be submitted to the Call. Brazilian Funding Bodies will be considered as NPCs for the tasks to be performed linked to this call.

Brazilian Funding Bodies and NPCs from the EUREKA Countries will promote the Call for Proposals through their respective websites, in the framework of their national and regional networks.

Brazilian Funding Bodies and NPCs from the EUREKA Countries will publish their respective rules that will apply to the submitted proposals.

The Call for Proposals will have two phases:

1. Submitting the EUREKA Application Form

2. Submitting the applications to the Brazilian and National Funding Bodies from the EUREKA countries involved in each approved project

The details of the schedule and the processes involved will be defined in the Call text.

The Brazilian Funding Bodies and NPCs from EUREKA countries shall assess the submitted proposals according to the evaluation criteria defined in the EUREKA Project Assessment Methodology (PAM), attached in Annex.

Brazilian Funding Bodies and the NPCs from the EUREKA countries shall form the International Evaluation Panel and establish a Ranking List of the proposals in descending order of the score obtained according to the PAM. If, during the assessment phase any EUREKA proposal has to be submitted to external experts, confidentiality must be also respected by those experts.

Brazilian Funding Bodies and the National Funding Bodies from the EUREKA countries will only finance projects selected by the International Evaluation Panel in accordance with their national funding rules and availability of budgets.

Where one or more Funding Bodies cannot finance the participating organizations of their respective countries (for instance where the budget has already been exhausted), the participating Funding Body whose budget has not been exhausted may pass it on to the eligible participants of the next project in line.

The projects agreed by the International Evaluation Panel will be labelled as EUREKA Network Projects according to the procedures of the EUREKA initiative.

The funding for labelled projects will be provided by the Brazilian Funding Bodies and the National Funding Bodies of EUREKA within a maximum of five (5) months after the labelling decision., as long as the requests of the Funding Bodies are timely met by all applicants.

Follow up of selected projects shall be performed in accordance with the EUREKA and the respective Brazilian Funding Bodies procedures.

Brazilian Funding Bodies will each receive full access to those projects they are involved in according to the respective EUREKA application forms.

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