SPRINT – 1st Edition 2019: Guidelines Coventry University

Advancing Research and Innovation at Coventry: Coventry University in partnership with FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation)

Call for funding proposals supporting the exchange of researchers under FAPESP’s program - São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration (SPRINT).

(Up to £10K)


This scheme enables researchers at Coventry University to develop partnerships with researchers affiliated with higher education and research institutions in the State of São Paulo with a view to developing research collaborations, joint publications and further joint funding proposals.

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This scheme is open to individuals and teams of researchers who are members or associate members of Coventry University Research Centres.

Each Research Centre can put forward a maximum of two applications to this scheme. All applicants must discuss their application with their Centre Director.

The funding application consists of two main components:

1. An application detailing the research project.
2. A brief letter of support or email from the Centre Director explaining how this proposal relates to the centre’s broader research strategy.

Funding principles

FAPESP will provide funding of up to the equivalent of £5,000.00 (five thousand pounds) per proposal per year and Coventry University will provide funding of up to £5,000.00 (five thousand pounds) per proposal per year, for the duration of the grant to cover research-related mobility expenses.

FAPESP and Coventry University will fund a maximum of 04 approved proposals.

Assessment Process

Applications will be peer-reviewed by a cross-centre panel of researchers, following Research Council best practice, with each application given an overall score out of 6. Those scoring less than 4 will not be considered by the final assessment panel.

For those scoring 4 and above, there will be the opportunity for the applicant to provide a written response to the peer reviews, which will be considered by the panel alongside the application. The panel will consist of: Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Director of the Doctoral College, Director of Research Services, Director of Enterprise and Innovation, Associate Deans for Research and University Research Centre Executive Directors.

After the Assessment Process at Coventry University the results will be shared with the FAPESP/Doctoral College and Centre for Research Capability and Development Steering Committee where proposals will be ranked and selected for funding.

Assessment Criteria

The scheme will be assessed using the following criteria:

    Quality: the extent to which the proposal meets the specific aims of the scheme in terms of the development plan, the quality of the mentors and collaborators, the sustainability and appropriateness of activities to foster high-quality personal and research development.

    Importance: the significance of the proposed activity in terms of the applicant’s personal development and the potential benefit to the Centre and to the University.

    Project Plan and Budget: the extent to which the proposal is well planned, the extent to which the activities can be completed within the specified timeframe, and the extent to which the likely outcome of the activities will represent value for money in terms of the relationship between the funds that are sought and the significance and quality of the projected outcomes for the researcher.

    Outcomes and Impact: the extent to which the activities are recorded and evaluated to ensure continued professional development; the likelihood that the learning and outcomes of the project will be highly valued and widely exploited, both in the Coventry University research community and in wider contexts where they can make a difference.

Submission and Outcomes

Completed applications with supporting statements should be sent to

The following file format should be used:


Closing date: 29 April 2019

Peer Review: May 2019

PI Response: June 2019

Coventry Panel: June 2019

Steering Committee FAPESP/Coventry: early July 2019

Successful Candidates notified: 26 July 2019

Deadlines and timelines cannot be changed.


Please direct any queries to

Appeals and Complaints

If applicants have any concerns or complaints regarding any element of selection process these should be sent directly to Rebekah Smith McGloin, Director of the Doctoral College and Centre for Research Capability and Development.

Download the Application Form: Advancing Research and Innovation at Coventry


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