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Carmen Cecilia Tadini

Area Panel – Engineering

Professor Carmen Tadini is a Professor of Food Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of São Paulo - USP at main campus . She received her degree in the area of food engineering from State University of Campinas – UNICAMP (B.S. 1977), University of São Paulo (M.S. 1988 and Ph.D. 1994). Her research involves microwaves technology for liquid food pasteurization, developing new breadmaking products at small scale, developing the bio-nanocomposites based on starch for food packaging and alternative routes to obtain functional ingredient from fruits.

Dr. Tadini received a postdoctoral degree in thermal processing in 1998 at Purdue University, IN, USA. Dr. Tadini receives a research Grant from National Research Council (CNPq), Level 1D, since 2006. She was Deputy Provost for Research 2010-2011 and Vice-Coordinator in charge of USP Agency for Innovation 2010-2011. Since 2013 she is the vice-coordinator of FoRC (Food Research Center ).

Dr. Tadini received the following awards: Jabuti 2016. Book “Operações Unitárias na Indústria de Alimentos”, Rio De Janeiro: LTC, 2015. v. 1, Panamerican BIMBO 2006 and Young Scientist from CNPq as advisor 2004.

Research ID: E-3150-2010

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