Earth Biogenome Project Versão em português

The Earth Biogenome Project (EBP) is an international collaboration that promotes a global effort in biodiversity genomics. The organisation involves a number of institutions that acknowledge EBP as a pivotal player in unleashing valuable inclusive bioeconomy innovations for biodiverse nations that can provide an alternative path for economic development that is sustainable by design.

FAPESP mantains a cooperation agreement with EBP that which formalizes its intent to develop a global “network of communities” as the most realistic strategy for achieving the grand challenge goal of sequencing all life on Earth.

Through this Memorandum of Understanding firmed with EBP, FAPESP agrees in conducting collaborative activities dedicated to achieving the following goals directly or indirectly: revise and reinvigorate our understanding of biology, ecosystems and evolution; Enable the conservation, protection, and regeneration of biodiversity; and Maximize returns to society and human welfare.

Memorandum of Understanding – signed on November 21st, 2018, valid for five years.

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