FAPESP / Université de Lyon Joint Call for Proposals 2020 Versão em português

Notice: on 19 June 2020, date for the announcement of results was postponed to 28 October 2020

Call summary:
Closing date and time for submission of proposals: April 30th, 2020 at 23:59 PM
Results announced on: October 28th, 2020
FAPESP Support Opportunity: Regular Research Grant
UDL scheme: International IDEXLYON program
Maximum duration of the project: 24 months
Achievement of the actions funded by IDEX Lyon is mandatory by November 15, 2021.
Submission: To FAPESP (SAGe) and to UDL (International office)
Contact details:
- UDL:

1. Introduction

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil and the Université de Lyon, launch a call for joint research projects. The aim is to promote and strengthen collaboration between researchers affiliated with Université de Lyon and researchers affiliated with Higher Education and Research Institutions in State of São Paulo.

Applicants interested in submitting joint research proposals should follow the instructions below:

2. Research Themes

The present Call invites Research Proposals in various fields of research.

Without being exclusive, special attention will paid to the following themes:

1. Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, data science)

2. Photonics

3. Particles and Turbulent Flows

4. Modern society and democracy

5. Urban Issues at Large

6. Health, ecology and the environment

7. Contributions from social science and the humanities are strongly encouraged.

3. Funding

UDL and FAPESP will co-fund projects. A single joint project may receive up to EUR 100,000 combined through this joint funding Call for Proposals. At FAPESP, proposals will follow the financing rules of a Regular Research Grant (

As a general rule, the funding must be spent within two years. The combined total amount of funding from UDL and FAPESP available under this programme is EUR 700,000.

The UDL funds will be sent in Euro to the French Principal Investigator’s institution member of the IDEXLYON consortium.

4. Funding principles and eligibility criteria

4.1 Submission

4.1.1. For the applicant researcher in the State of São Paulo, the collaborative proposal must be submitted to FAPESP as a Regular Research Grant (Auxílio à Pesquisa - Regular) via SAGe.

4.1.2 For the applicant researcher in France, the collaborative proposal must be submitted to the International Office of Université de Lyon (

4.2 Applicants from France and from the State of São Paulo must satisfy the eligibility criteria of UDL and FAPESP, respectively:

a) For FAPESP, Principal Investigators must be affiliated to a Research or Higher Education Institution based in the State of Sao Paulo. Further eligibility criteria are available at

b) For UDL, Principal Investigators must be in permanent position in one of the IDEXLYON consortium institutions.

c) The proposals must aim to respect the principle of reciprocity with regard to academic qualifications of those who will take part in the exchange activities.

5. Timeline

Call announced on FAPESP and UDL

Friday, February 28, 2020

Closing date for submission of proposals

Wednesday, April 30, 2020

Successful proposals notified

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

6. Submission conditions specific to FAPESP

6.1 Submission to FAPESP will follow the general rules for Regular Research Grant (

6.2 All proposals FAPESP should be submitted via SAGe platform (, and shall include a Joint Research Plan (maximum of 15 pages) written by applicants from UDL and from the State of São Paulo, to be uploaded as an annex in SAGe submission. The Research Plan shall contain a clear description of the planned collaboration (distribution of work and methods of implementation) and the added value to be expected from the collaboration.

6.3 A budget summary table (template here) to indicate funds requested from UDL and from FAPESP, to be attached in the SAGe application.

6.4 The budget request must follow the rules of the Regular Research Grant regarding fundable items.

6.5 All documents and forms required in the SAGe system for the Regular Research Grant submission. Please verify the list of documents at SAGe ahead of time.

6.6 Important: The PI from UDL must also create a SAGe login and confirm participation in the project online. This can be done in the English page of SAGe following the option “Not registered?” Only items marked as “*” are mandatory, researcher should also annex a photo ID to have registration active. After being nominated in the project proposal, the PI from UDL must “Confirm participation” online.

7. Submission conditions specific to UDL

The applicant researcher from France must submit their proposal to the UDL International Office by email at The proposal shall contain:

a) The UDL Application form, identifying the UDL and FAPESP principal investigators and all members of the project; including the Joint Research Plan (maximum 15 pages,) and a formal letter of approval signed by the Director of the laboratory / institute / department of the French Principal Investigator;

b) The budget summary table (template on section 6.3). The budget request must follow the financial rules of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche.

8. How to apply

8.1 The proposal as specified in the previous section must be submitted before or on April 30th , 2020 both to FAPESP by the Principal Investigator from the State of São Paulo and to UDL by the Principal Investigator from France.

a) At FAPESP, proposals should be submitted via SAGe (

b) At UDL proposals should be submitted to the International Office via e-mail (

8.2 No proposal will be accepted after the closing date for submission, nor will any addendum or explanation be accepted, unless those explicitly and formally requested by FAPESP or UDL.

8.3 Proposals submitted by any other means will not be accepted.

9. Analysis and selection

9.1 Each Party will select the proposals according to its own procedures. Only the proposals selected by both Parties will be funded.

9.2 Beyond regular review procedures by each Party, the evaluation criteria include:

  • scientific quality and innovativeness of the research plan;

  • feasibility of the research plan;

  • competence and expertise of the applicants from both countries;

  • added value generated by research collaboration for both sides;

  • special consideration will be given to the themes listed in section 2 above.

9.3 Proposals that do not comply with the terms of this Call will not qualify for analysis.

10. Intellectual Property

A Letter of Agreement between the Higher Education or Research Institution to which the São Paulo and UDL PI is affiliated, establishing how Intellectual Property rights, confidentiality, and publications will be treated jointly, in observance of the policies of each funding Party. The Letter of Agreement is not mandatory for the submission of proposals, but no approved project will be contracted before the presentation of a copy of the signed Agreement.

11. Reporting to UDL (in case of acceptance of the project)

The following documents shall be send to UDL:

  • Transmission of annual activities and financial reports to FAPESP and UDL

  • Obligation to advertise the FAPESP and UDL IDEXLYON financial aid and transmission of proofs.

  • Transmission of a final activity report consisting of the main benefits and prospects of the project within a maximum of one month after the end of the actions: until December 15, 2021.

  • Transmission of a final financial report within a maximum of one month after the end of the actions: until December 15, 2021.

12. More information

All questions related to this Call for Proposals must be directed to:



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