Memorandum of Understanding between The Sao Paulo Research Foundation and Fermi Research Alliance, Llc on Scientific Cooperation In High Energy Physics Versão em português

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and Fermi Research Alliance, LLC (FRA), the management and operating contractor of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) for the U.S. Department of Energy, hereinafter referred to individually as a “Participant” and collectively as the “Participants”:

DESIRING to strengthen the links between the scientific communities of both countries and also to encourage new forms of collaboration between their respective research institutions;

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the importance of promoting cooperation in scientific and technological research between researchers in universities and research institutions in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Fermilab and wishing to strengthen this cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit;

RECOGNIZING the unique know-how, facilities, and infrastructure available to collaborators through Fermilab’s scientific user facilities;

BUILDING on the successful “Young Investigator Award” model established by FAPESP, in consultation with international research organizations, such as Fermilab; and

WISHING to promote initiatives for collaboration in scientific research and technological development in the area of high energy physics,

Have reached the following understanding:

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter “MOU”) is to promote and deepen scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from the State of São Paulo, Brazil, and Fermilab in the areas of high energy physics, including neutrino research.

2. Forms of Collaboration

Planned collaboration may include:

(1) Exchange of faculty and researchers. Each Participant is to abide by the health, safety, and environmental requirements of the host Participant when on an exchange assignment at the host Participant's facility.

(2) Assessing opportunities for the engagement of students.

(3) Planning collaborative research opportunities, with any specific future research and development collaboration to be implemented through appropriate legally binding agreements.

(4) Holding workshops, joint lectures, symposia, and meetings.

(5) Exchange of publicly available academic information and materials.

(6) Such other forms of cooperation as may be mutually decided upon.

3. General Considerations

a) Collaborative activities under this MOU are subject to scientific relevance, scientific interest and the availability of funding, personnel and other resources.

b) To coordinate the activities under this MOU, each Participant intends to designate a contact person to whom correspondence should be addressed.

c) This MOU does not create any legally binding obligations between the Participants.

d) Unless the Participants otherwise determine in a separate written agreement, each Participant is to be responsible for the costs it incurs in participating in collaborative activities contemplated by this MOU, including all administrative costs, overhead expenses, labor costs, insurance costs, travel expenses and similar costs.

e) Each Participant intends to conduct collaborative activities under this MOU in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations to which it is subject, including those related to export control, and international agreements to which its Government is party.

f) Any cooperative research activities between researchers at Fermilab and researchers from other organizations in the State of São Paulo who are funded by FAPESP are to be based upon on a specific appropriate written agreement signed by the participating higher education and research institution in the State of São Paulo and FRA, addressing financing, confidentiality, publication and intellectual property rights, and any other mutually agreed terms.

4. Duration, Modification, and Discontinuation

a) Collaborative activities under this MOU may commence upon signature and may continue for a period of 5 (five) years, unless discontinued consistent with paragraph b) of this Section. This MOU may be modified or extended by mutual written decision of the Participants.

b) The Participants may discontinue this MOU at any time by mutual written decision. Alternatively, a Participant that wishes to discontinue its participation in activities under this MOU is expected to provide the other Participant with at least 90 days advance written notice.

Signed in duplicate [in the English and Portuguese languages, both texts being equally valid].

Dr. Marco Antonio Zago

Dr. Nigel Lockyer
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory