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Jó Ueyama

Adjunct Panel - Research for Innovation

Full Professor at the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at the University of São Paulo (ICMC/USP). CNPq fellow for Technological Development and Innovative Extension, Level 1C.

Bachelor of Computer Science (UFPA), Master of Computer Science (Unicamp), Ph.D. in Computer Science (Lancaster University, United Kingdom). He was a Research Associate at the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom (2006-2007), and a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California, USA (2015-2016).

Systems developer for ten years at the Legislative Assembly of Pará (admission by public entrance exam), having been the head of the development section for two years at the same government office.

At ICMC/USP, he was the director of the International Relations Office for two terms (2016-2020). He was nominated by ICMC/USP (among ~150 faculty members) for the “USP Trajectory for Innovation Award”, 3rd edition.

In teaching, he taught online classes (with more than 300 thousand) that serve as educational material for HEIs in Brazil and countries that speak Portuguese as a native language. Prof. Ueyama was the co-coordinator of the MBA course in Data Security.

He is the author of about 180 articles in events and journals. He filed five patent requests and three software registrations at the National Institute for Intellectual Property (INPI). He currently researches in multidisciplinary areas applying computational intelligence to the field of environment, health, and data security.

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