FAPESP/SNSF - Swiss National Science Foundation Open Deadlines Submissions Versão em português

This call for proposals is no longer accepting submissions, please use this link for the open call between FAPESP and SNSF:

IMPORTANT: In the context of the partnership between FAPESP and SNSP, the foundations will act as “lead agency” alternately.

SNSF, currently the lead agency, is conducting the merit review process for the proposals received until 01 April, 2021, on behalf of both institutions.

The Agreement between the two agencies remains in force. However, new proposals will be accepted from 01 October 2021 onwards, when FAPESP will act as the lead agency.

Guidance to researchers based in the State of São Paulo


The cooperation agreement between FAPESP and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) aims to support the development of joint research projects proposed by researchers from research institutions in Switzerland and in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

Closing date:

April 1st, 2021

FAPESP Support Opportunity:

Regular or Thematic Project Grants, with the exceptionalities as described in the announcement of opportunity below.

Maximum duration of the project:

Up to 48 months (both support opportunities)


Depending on the criteria of the chosen support opportunity. Consultation of eligibility to FAPESP is mandatory.


The joint proposal must be submitted by research partner based in Switzerland to SNSF, and by the researcher based in São Paulo to FAPESP.


Converse FAPESP

Information on the procedures for preparing and submitting research proposals is below.

1. Fields of Knowledge

1.1 This Call will accept proposals in all scientific themes.

2. Financing

2.1 Costs to be incurred by the research team based in the state of Sao Paulo will be covered by FAPESP. The budget requested to FAPESP should be prepared based on the norms related to the FAPESP support opportunity chosen (Regular Grant or Thematic Project Grant), with the exceptionalities described in item 3.1 (below).

2.2 SNSF will cover the costs incurred by the team based in Switzerland, according to their own funding rules. Researchers from a third State or country can be included in the proposal as partners of the research project, with the costs covered by it or by SNSF. No more than 20% of the SNSF budget can be requested for the research costs of the third country partner. Additional resources to these participants should have other sources of funding.

2.3 Applicants do not need to apply the same values ​​to both agencies. The difference in values ​​should reflect the items covered by each agency and local prices. It is expected that the proposals show a balanced partnership not specifically in monetary terms, but equivalent impairment research effort from each of the funding agencies.

3. FAPESP Support Opportunity

3.1 Funding of FAPESP will be through the Regular or Thematic Project Grant and follow strictly all the rules on the support opportunity chosen by the applicant, except for the following considerations:

a) Regular Grant:

Exceptionally under this opportunity, proposals to FAPESP’s Regular Grant may be financed for a period of up to 4 years and stipulated a maximum budget of up to R$100 thousand per year. The proposals may include a post-doc scholarship. The final budget should include all scholarships and overheads costs.

b) Thematic Project Grant: exceptionally in this funding opportunity, Thematic Grants will have the duration of 48 months.

4. Eligibility for submission of proposals

4.1 The principal investigator from the state of São Pauloshould consult FAPESP in order to obtain a FAPESP Eligibility Letter that will be attached to the proposal at the time of submission.

4.2 Eligibility queries from the researcher from the State of São Paulo should be sent to, containing the following information:

a. Curricular Summary of the Principal Investigator of the State of São Paulo (as described in

b. Intended FAPESP support opportunity (Regular or Thematic Project Grant)

i. Researchers from the State of São Paulo who are already Principal Investigator for a Regular Research Grant must include a justification for the concomitance of the projects.

c. Duration of the proposal (Thematic Grants have the fixed duration of 48 months).

d. Estimated time devoted to the project by the Principal Investigator in SP (hours/week). We recommend a minimum of 12h/week for Regular Grant and 20h/week for Thematic Project Grant.

e. Name and Institution of the Switzerland Researcher Partner.

f. Title of the proposal to be submitted.

g. Estimated total budget.

Important: Eligibility queries will be answered within a period of up to 14 working days upon receipt of the e-mail.

4.3 FAPESP will not reply to queries about eligibility of the Switzerland researcher, who should search for guidance with SNSF.

5. How to draft your research proposal

5.1 The proposal must contain a research project (Case for Support) jointly written and conceived by the researchers from Switzerland and from Sao Paulo. This document must be sent to FAPESP by the Sao Paulo PI and to the SNSF by the Switzerland PI.

5.2 The research project must have a clear and objective description of the planned collaboration (distribution of tasks, and implementation methods), as well as what is expected to gain from the collaboration.

5.3 The research project must be written in English and follow the guidance of SNSF regarding the format and number of pages.

5.4 In addition to the proposal, proposers must fill the following budget spreadsheet:

6. How to apply to FAPESP

6.1 The joint proposal must be submitted by the Principal Investigator in São Paulo at SAGe and by the research partner at mySNF, following its rules and analysis timelines. The research partner should also create a SAGe login.

6.2 The Researcher from the state of São Paulo will submit the proposal exclusively through SAGe system. At SAGe, the researcher from São Paulo must login and select New Proposal > Continuous funding stream> + Other funding lines>SNSF – Swiss National Science Foundation (…).

6.3. Important: The Switzerland PI must also create a complete login in SAGe system. This can be done by accessing SAGe in English in the option “Not Registered?”. The researcher must fill out all fields marked as mandatory, or his/her registration will not be considered valid to act as Partner Researcher. After having been nominated as a participant in the research proposal, the Switzerland PI must confirm participation in the project in SAGe.

7. How to apply to SNSF

7.1 The Switzerland PI will submit via mySNF, following the guidelines published at:

8. Analysis and Selection

8.1 In the context of the partnership between FAPESP and SNSF, the foundations will act as “lead agency” alternately. The lead agency will conduct the merit review process on behalf of both institutions. Ad hoc reviewers appointed by both institutions will participate in the entire process of deliberation and peer review.

8.2 SNSF will act as the lead agency from September 2020 to April 2021 SNSF sets the deadline for the submission of proposals on April 1st, 2021.

8.3 FAPESP will act as the leading agency from October 1st, 2021 to September 30th, 2022. Within this period, there is no specific submission deadline: FAPESP/SNSF proposals will be evaluated in open deadlines (at any time).

9. Contact details

9.1 Specific questions to FAPESP about this Agreement must be sent through Considering the large number of queries received by Converse, we request researchers to send their queries with time in advance, avoiding urgent requests close to the submission deadline imposed by the SNSF.