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Yara Adario Frateschi

Area Panel - Humanities and Social Sciences

Full professor at the Department of Philosophy of the State University of Campinas (São Paulo/Brazil) and researcher level 2 of the National Council of Research and Technology (CNPQ)/Ministry of Science and Technology.

Bachelor in philosophy at University of São Paulo (1996), Master in philosophy at the State University of Campinas (1999), PhD. in philosophy at the University of São Paulo (2004). Visiting scholar at Columbia University (2000), at École Normale Supérieure de Paris (2006) and Yale University (2015).

Author of the books Liberdade, cidadania e ethos democrático: estudos anti-hobbesianos (prelo), A física da política: Hobbes contra Aristóteles (2008), Manual de Filosofia Política (2012).

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