Joint Call for Proposals: Czech Science Foundation (GACR) and São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) 2021 Versão em português

Update: the closing date for the submission of proposals has been changed to 22 April 2021


Call announcement:

February 22, 2021

Deadline for submission:

April 22, 2021


December 2021

FAPESP Support Opportunity:

Regular Research Grant

Maximum duration of the projects:

36 months


Researchers affiliated with Higher Education or Research Institutions in the state of São Paulo and Researchers from the Czech Republic


To FAPESP via SAGe and to GACR via GRIS system

FAPESP Contact Details:

GACR Contact Details:

Eva Moliková, e-mail:

1. Introduction

FAPESP and GACR signed in November of 2018 a Cooperation Agreement aiming to promote and strengthen collaboration between researchers from the state of São Paulo and from the Czech Republic.

Under the scope of this Agreement, FAPESP and GACR launch the present Call for Proposals to push forward and consolidate this partnership. This opportunity is open to researchers affiliated with Higher Education and Research Institutions in the state of São Paulo and to researchers in the Czech Republic.

GACR has an own available budget for this call and FAPESP will match this funding up to the limit of 150 thousand Reais per project, per year, for 36 months. In terms of research efforts, it is envisaged that applications will be for a balanced partnership, not specifically in monetary terms but with equivalent research commitment and efforts from both sides. Each proposal should be an integrated Czech-Brazilian research project with both partners from Czech Republic and the state of São Paulo, who must join their strengths to execute a collaborative research project. The research should be carried out both in the state of São Paulo and in the Czech Republic.

The researchers from the state of São Paulo who are interested in applying to the present call must follow the instructions described in these guidelines and additional instructions at Czech researchers must follow the instructions described in these guidelines and additional instructions from GACR at

2. Research Themes

The present Call invites Research Proposals in any scientific domain, as long as it covers basic scientific research. The projects are expected to start on January 1st, 2022, and must last up to 36 months. Note that the project duration must be the same on both sides.

3. Elegibility of Researchers

3.1. Eligible Researchers for FAPESP:

Researchers eligible for FAPESP funding under the scope of this Call must be affiliated with public or private Higher Education or Research Institutions in the state of São Paulo and must meet FAPESP eligibility requirements for Regular Research Grant, described in

3.2. Eligible Researchers for GACR:

Researchers eligible for GACR funding under the scope of this call must be Researchers and Research Institutions in the Czech Republic and must meet the GACR eligibility requirements for the Tender Documentation for International bilateral projects – Call 2022, described at An Applicant shall mean a natural person, legal entity based in the Czech Republic, organizational unit of the State or self-governing territorial unit, or organizational unit of the Ministry of Defense or Ministry of the Interior, which is engaged in research and experimental development and which is applying for provision of targeted aid by submitting a project proposal.

4. Characteristics of Proposals under this call

Each proposal must have a Principal Investigator in the State of São Paulo and a Principal Investigator in the Czech Republic.

The research project must be jointly conceived and written by the proponents from the state of São Paulo and from the Czech Republic, in English.

In addition to the guidelines set out above, researchers from the state of São Paulo must meet the requirements for FAPESP Support Opportunity called Regular Research Grant (

5. Funding modalities and eligible costs

FAPESP will fund the research team in the state of São Paulo up to the maximum amount of R$ 450,000.00 (R$ 150,000.00/year), and GACR will fund the research team in the Czech Republic up to the maximum amount made available by the agency for this Call.

5.1. Eligible costs for GACR:

Eligible costs include

a. Scientific staff;

b. Consumables;

c. Equipment;

d. Travel costs for Czech researchers;

e. To cover accommodation, daily allowances and local travel costs of Brazilian researchers staying in Czech Republic;

f. To cover production costs of joint publications.

All costs have to be specified in the Czech proposal and must be written in accordance with GACR rules stipulated in the public tender documentation -

5.2. Eligible costs for FAPESP:

Funding and eligible costs for this opportunity are the same established in the norms for the Regular Research Grant (

Eligible costs to FAPESP are:

a. Consumables;

b. Services;

c. Small equipment (below R$ 100.000,00);

d. Travel costs of Brazilian researchers going to the Czech Republic;

e. Technical Training Fellowships (

The total budget must include Research Overheads:

a. Direct Research Infrastructure Costs (15% of the total amount requested);

b. Fringe Benefits (R$ 8,000.00 per year for the PI);

c. Institutional Research Infrastructure (10% of the total amount requested);

d. Import Provision (, if any, and

e. Fellowships, if any.

The total amount of the proposal will appear as “Custo Total da Proposta (in R$)”, as in the box below:

Note: If the proposal exceeds the limit of R$ 450,000.00 per project (3-year projects, R$ 150,000.00 per year), the submission will be automatically blocked by SAGe:

6. Submission

The Principal Investigator from São Paulo must submit the collaborative proposal to FAPESP and the Principal Investigator from the Czech Republic must submit the collaborative proposal to GACR.

The closing date for the submission of proposals is 22 April 2021. No proposals will be accepted after the closing date for submission, nor will any addendum or explanation be accepted, unless those are explicitly and formally requested by FAPESP or GACR.

Proposals not received before the deadline or not in conformity to the specifications herein will be declared ineligible. Proposals submitted, lacking mandatory documentation or with unsigned documentation (upon explicit request of each agency), or using templates other than those provided by FAPESP or GACR will be returned.

Proposals must be submitted to both agencies through their online systems:

Submission to FAPESP: The specific path for this opportunity in the SAGe system is: Nova Proposta Inicial > + Outras Linhas de Fomento > + Acordos de Cooperação> + GACR – Czech Science Foundation> + GACR - Projeto de Pesquisa - Regular> + Chamada de Propostas (2021).

Submission to GACR: The proposal must be submitted by Czech PI through an online form application GRIS which is accessible via GACR website

After the deadline GACR and FAPESP will check whether the proposals have been submitted simultaneously in Czech Republic and the state of São Paulo. They will inform each other of the results. If a proposal is submitted in only one country and/or received after the deadline, it will be declared ineligible.

7. Timeline

Launching of call: 22 February 2021
Submission deadline: 22 April 2021
Results announced: December 2021
Expected start of granted proposals: 01 January 2022

8. Assessment and Selection

8.1. Evaluation Procedure

Applications will follow evaluation procedures outlined by GACR and FAPESP. Proposals that do not comply with the rules established in this call will not be qualified for merit analysis and will have their declassification immediately communicated. Proposals considered eligible for this opportunity will be evaluated using a three-step procedure:

I. FAPESP and GACR will perform peer-review analyses according to the standard procedures of each Institution. The systematic of analysis used by FAPESP is available at (Portuguese only). Meanwhile, each eligible application submitted at GACR will be peer-reviewed by Czech expert panels and international referees.

II. After the peer-review analysis, the proposals proceed to an Area Evaluation Panel in each agency.

III. The partner agencies will then exchange recommendations and will jointly determine which proposals will be recommended for funding (Joint Steering Committee meeting).

The funding recommendation is final and no appeals will be accepted.

9. Intellectual Property

In case of approval of the proposal, a Letter of Agreement (or “Consortium Agreement”) must be signed between the partner Host Institutions (from Czech Republic and from the State of São Paulo), establishing how Intellectual Property rights, confidentiality and publications will be treated jointly, in accordance to the policies of each Funding Agency and each Host Institution. Note that no specific format for this agreement will be provided by GACR or FAPESP.

The presentation of this document is not mandatory for signing the Grant Contract. However, the two agencies can request its presentation at any time.

10. Contact Information

Researchers from the State of São Paulo: inquiries to FAPESP regarding this Call for Proposals should be sent to

Researchers from Czech Republic: specific questions to GACR about the Call for Proposals should be sent to Eva Molíková,