Call with European Union selects proposals in Materials Science and Engineering Versão em português

FAPESP will support research collaborations for innovation in conjunction with M-ERA.NET, an EU-funded network.

FAPESP announces the 2021 edition of the call for proposals with M-ERA.NET, a European Union network that supports the coordination of programs to promote research in Materials Science and Engineering.

The consortium M-ERA.NET finances transnational and high-risk research and development projects on topics such as micro and nanotechnologies, processes and production technologies. This is the seventh opportunity for collaborative research launched by FAPESP and M-ERA.NET since they signed a scientific cooperation agreement in 2015.

The specific objective of the new call for proposals is to increase synergy, support for the innovation chain, international cooperation, interdisciplinarity and social and environmental benefits.

The proposal call includes six themes: “Modelling for engineering and processing, properties and durability of materials”, “Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces”, “High-performance composites”, “Functional materials”, “New strategies for advanced technologies based on advanced materials in health applications” and “Materials for 3D printing”.

Researchers linked to higher education or research institutions in the state of São Paulo can participate in the call. Submissions must follow the rules and guidelines of the Regular Research Grant scheme (exceptionalities are indicated in the call text). FAPESP will support the selected projects with a maximum of R$ 150,000 per proposal per year.

Each proposal must consist of a consortium involving an applicant in the state of São Paulo and at least three researchers from at least two different countries that are also participating in the call. Project duration must be from 24 to 36 months.

This year's call will not require an eligibility consultation. Interested researchers should initially submit a pre-proposal simultaneously to M-ERA NET (accessing the original notice of the call) and FAPESP, through the SAGe System – the consortium coordinator must be registered in this platform.

The deadline for pre-proposals is June 15, 2021. The qualified researchers will be invited to send their complete proposals until November 17, 2021.

The call with guidelines for São Paulo researchers is available (in Portuguese) at: