Call for proposals to promote the establishment of Latin American research groups in artificial intelligence Versão em português

São Paulo researchers are invited to submit proposals for international collaborations in research on the application of AI to leverage geospatial data to solve socio-environmental problems in Latin America.

FAPESP, the National Agency for Research and Innovation of Uruguay (ANII), the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (CONICET) and the International Development Research Center of Canada (IDRC) are launching a call for proposals of research projects in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to geospatial data for the development of regional intelligent systems.

The call aims at generating instruments to use the georeference infrastructure from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and other Latin American countries to elaborate future scenarios for planning, developing and managing problems on public issues such as sanitary, environmental, and natural disasters risks.

Another goal of the call is to promote the creation of Latin American research networks of AI researchers not limited to those three countries. The inclusion of investigators from outside Argentina, Uruguay and the state of São Paulo to the research consortium will be possible thanks to the support from IDRC.

Issues addressed by proposals submitted to this call may include (among others):

1) Anticipating, reducing and mitigating the social and economic impact of large-scale crises originating from various causes.
2) Anticipating, reducing and mitigating the impact of environmental and health crises (such as pandemics).
3) Managing natural resources to contribute to sustainable production models and care for the environment.
4) Research and development on political and ethical aspects of the use of geospatial data.

Proposals must comprise research groups from up to five groups, including groups from at least two of the following territories represented in the call: Argentina, Uruguay and the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Groups from Canada and other regions of Latin America, including other Brazilian states, may also be part of a research consortium. Those will be funded by IDRC funds, under ANII administration.

The deadline for submission of proposals is September 12, 2021. Each partner agency of this call will be responsible for financing the research group based in their respective area. FAPESP will support up to 10 proposals, with maximum budget of R$ 300,000 and maximum duration of 24 months. Only researchers linked to public or private higher education and research institutions in the state of São Paulo, are eligible for FAPESP funding. Other eligibility criteria and the grant conditions will be the same as the support modality Regular Research Grants.

Proposals must be submitted by consortium leaders, via e-mail, to Additionally, proposals including FAPESP as one of the funders must also be submitted to FAPESP, via SAGe, by the São Paulo PI.

The call is available at: