Four collaborative proposals with French researchers selected in the ANR 2021 Call for Proposals Versão em português

FAPESP and Agence Nationale de la Recherche disclose the results of their joint Call for Collaborative Research Proposals

FAPESP discloses the result of the Call for Proposals released in November 2020 in collaboration with the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), France’s national research funding agency. This call for proposals occurred in the framework of ANR’s Generic Call for Proposals 2021. More details about this solicitation may be found in (in Portuguese).

The 2021 ANR Call for Proposals was launched within the FAPESP-ANR joint agreement, which was first established in 2011. Since then, FAPESP has bestowed 60 grants and fellowships under the auspices of the agreement.

The Call for Proposals allowed the submission of collaborative research proposals in four thematic axes: Engineering, Chemistry and Physics; Information and Communication Technologies and Math; Social Sciences and Humanities; and Environment and Biological Resources. Four proposals were granted, each jointly conceived by principal investigators affiliated with research and higher learning institutions from France and the State of São Paulo, Brazil. For each granted proposal FAPESP and ANR will fund the research teams of their respective territory.

Selected proposals:

BRIDGES: Brazil-France interplays in Gauge Theory, extremal structures and stability
Grant number: 2021/04065-6
Agreement: ANR – French National Research Agency
PI: Henrique Nogueira de Sá Earp
Host Institution: IMECC-UNICAMP
PI abroad: Eveline Legendre
Institution abroad: Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse

COCOBRAZ: Characterization of Brazilian coastal waters biogeochemical quality evolution over the last two decades from satellite observation: impact of natural and anthropogenic forcings
Grant number: 2021/04128-8
Agreement: ANR – French National Research Agency
PI: Milton Kampel
Host Institution: INPE-MCTI
PI abroad: Vincent Vantrepotte
Institution abroad: Laboratoire d'Océanologie et de Géosciences/CNRS

REGREYZandCo: Grey zones and Territory: Transformation of work and the emerging figure of Platform Worker. A France-Brazil comparison
Grant number: 2021/04086-3
Agreement: ANR – French National Research Agency
Pesquisador Responsável: Cibele Saliba Rizek
Instituição sede: Instituto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo de São Carlos, USP
Pesquisador Responsável no Exterior: Christian Andre Marie Azais
Instituição no Exterior: Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

COCOTRAMOS: Collisions in a Cold Trapped Molecular Sample in a well-defined quantum state
Grant number: 2021/04107-0
Agreement: ANR – French National Research Agency
PI: Luis Gustavo Marcassa
Host Institution: Instituto de Física de São Carlos/USP
PI abroad: Nadia Bouloufa-Maafa
Institution abroad: Laboratoire Aimè Cotton/Universitè Paris-Saclay