FAPESP and NSFC, from China, launch call for proposals Versão em português

Collaborative call focuses on the realization of the UN SDGs in developing countries in light of climate change.

FAPESP and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) jointly announce the launch of an opportunity for the development and development of scientific collaborations between researchers from the state of São Paulo and from China.

Under the theme “The dynamics of the land system and its relationship with sustainable development”, the call for proposals is part of the NSFC’s Sustainable Development International Cooperation program (SDIC), which articulates bilateral cooperation in partnership with several international development agencies, including FAPESP.

FAPESP and NSFC will receive proposals by June 30 to deepen investigations into two main thematic axes. In The response and adaptive management of ecosystem to climate change, issues such as the evolution of biodiversity, ecosystem services and regulatory mechanisms, and the impacts of air pollution and global warming on the coupled cycle of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus will be contemplated.

On the axis The impacts of climate change on ecosystems, including coastal areas, agroforestry ecosystem and human health and their response, should be addressed points such as urban green infrastructure planning, the impact of climate change on sea level change and carbon sequestration of shelf marine ecosystems, projections of monsoon variations in East Asia and South America in different temperature-raising scenarios, among others.

In addition to adherence to the themes of the call, FAPESP and NSFC also require the proposals to meet two or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). As a selection criterion, the specific focus of the proposals on the dynamics of environmental-social-economic systems and the interaction between the environmental system and the social system for the realization of SDGs in developing countries will be evaluated.

The collaborative projects will receive funding from FAPESP and NSFC, and each agency will support the team based in their respective country.

FAPESP’s support will take place through two funding schemes: proposals selected through Regular Research Grants can receive up to R$ 450,000, while funding to those that constitute Thematic Projects will have a maximum limit of R$ 1.7 million.

The rules of each modality will condition the other rules for granting the aid, observing the exception made by the call for duration of projects, which can be up to 36 months. There will be a requirement for an eligibility consultation for proposals that apply for Thematic Grants.

São Paulo researchers should submit their proposals via the SAGe System ( At the time of registration, the Chinese partner researcher must be guided to create a full login in SAGe to confirm his/her participation in the proposal.

The call for proposals for researchers in the state of São Paulo is in:

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