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Research projects should investigate the impact of climate and environmental change on migration movements through interdisciplinarity and participatory approach.

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) and the Belmont Forum, an international group of organizations with the mission to encourage research on global change, announce a new call for proposals under the cooperation agreement signed by the member institutions.

This call, entitled “Integrated Approaches to Human Migration/Mobility in an Era of Rapid Global Change (Migration)”, is supported by Belmont Forum’s 12 selected funding agencies which represent Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. The complete list of participants can be found at

Through the call, FAPESP and the Belmont Forum participating members – in collaboration with Future Earth scientific cooperation network and Global Development Network – will fund collaborative research projects aiming to assess impacts of climate and environmental change on societies (and their ability to adapt) that, coupled with other factors, can lead to migration.

The funders will support collaborative research that follows at least two of the three lines of investigation proposed in the call:

1) Understanding the complex relationships of factors that influence migration/mobility, as well as their relationship with Global Changes, through new approaches to synthesis, integration and complementarity of data and models;

2) Studies on integrative governance, legal and political mechanisms around migration/mobility and global change; and

3) Studies in various contexts and with inclusive perspectives on vulnerable communities and more vulnerable groups (such as women, the elderly, people with disabilities and indigenous people), in particular countries with economies in transition.

Proposals should include perspectives from the social sciences and humanities, as well as from the natural and physical sciences. They should also effectively involve social actors, using participatory approaches, co-creation, co-development and co-implementation.


Proposals must combine significant contributions by national research teams from at least three of the countries participating in the international call. Selected projects will have a three-year maximum duration.

Proponents from the state of São Paulo must follow the specific guidelines, based on the rules of FAPESP’s Regular Research Grant Support Opportunity. Exceptions are described in the call for proposals. A preliminary eligibility consultation must be sent to FAPESP (due date is July 29, 2020), demonstrating, among other requirements, experience in international interdisciplinary projects.

The budget earmarked by FAPESP for this call will be equivalent to € 350,000, and the maximum allowable budget is R$ 70.000 per year, plus a Post-Doctoral fellowship.

Leading principal investigators of each consortium must submit proposals directly to the Belmont Forum by July 29, 2020. An eligibility check must be submitted by the same date to FAPESP through the SAGe system. Additional documentation will be requested from the São Paulo PIs if the collaborative proposal is validated by the Belmont Forum.

Guidelines for researchers from the state of São Paulo are available at

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