Collaborations with the University of Birmingham will be supported Versão em português

Projects selected in an international call will receive support from FAPESP to conduct research in partnership with scientists from the British institution.

FAPESP announces the result of the Call for Proposals launched in 2023 in conjunction with the University of Birmingham (UoB), UK. Three proposals were selected.

According to the Call, the São Paulo researchers will develop collaborative research projects with their peers from the British university. FAPESP and UoB will be responsible for funding the activities of researchers from their respective territories.

This is the fifth Call in the history of the agreement between the institutions to foster scientific collaborations involving researchers from the University of Birmingham and higher education and research institutions in the state of São Paulo. The call for proposals covered all areas of knowledge.

Selected proposals:

Forever chemicals in Amazonian rivers around the city of Manaus/Brazil
Grant number: 2023/09923-6
PI: André Henrique Rosa
Host Institution: Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia de Sorocaba/ICTS/UNESP
PI abroad: Stuart John Harrad
Institution abroad: University of Birmingham/UoB

Roadmapping to resilient urban public transport systems in small and mid-sized cities
Grant number: 2023/10102-7
PI: Cassiano Augusto Isler
Host Institution: Escola Politécnica/EP/USP
PI abroad: Marcelo Blumenfeld Mendonça
Institution abroad: University of Birmingham/UoB

Hypothalamic GPR139 as a potential target for the treatment of obesity
Grant number: 2023/10026-9
PI: Licio Augusto Velloso
Host Institution: Faculdade de Ciências Médicas/FCM/UNICAMP
PI abroad: Davide Calebiro
Institution abroad: University of Birmingham/UoB

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